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Corporate translation

Every large company or group has at some point had a document or a series of documents translated from or into English and companies operating internationally do so on a regular basis. This is why we provide corporate translation as a separate service. A large majority or our existing and new corporate clients have a continuous need in corporate translation and our projects managers follow each order with professionalism and excellent customer care.

Global trade and the ever-increasing international nature of business and employment stimulate the rise in the amount and volume of corporate translation. Fast and accurate corporate translation has in fact become a condition for successful business operations, while timely completion timeframes mean that companies can file tax declarations on time or sign agreements and thus provide services without a delay. Corporate translations must be completed within the shortest timeframes and we always strive to offer the most suitable solution in each specific case without compromising on quality.

Corporate translation services ( refer to translation and subsequent certification of a wide range of documents from any field and specialisation, depending on the company itself and its nature of business. Corporate clients regularly request translation of financial statements and accounting reports and these usually contain tables and graphs. All these elements are carefully reproduced in the translation to ensure that it matches the original not only linguistically, but visually as well.

Corporate translation also involves translation of complex contracts and agreements. Each of the projects is unique and is assigned to a qualified translator specialising in the specific subject area. For example, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, petroleum or legal. Our network of translators is based around the world and no translation is impossible. Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements and we will do our best to accommodate your corporate needs.

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Certified legal translation

Certified legal translation refers to the process of translating a legal document and certifying it for subsequent intended use or legal purposes. Certification is also often called authentication or legalisation, depending on the specific jurisdiction, but in Ireland it is essentially known as certification, meaning that your legal translation is certified to be true and accurate. Legal translation would otherwise just be a translation and is unlikely to be accepted for submission to authorities or institutions.

Certified legal translation is thus important for ensuring that your documents, or rather translations thereof, are accepted for further processing. It is in fact a requirement to give your translated legal document official validity and credibility.

Linguistically speaking, translation is an art form, but it is also a science where every word counts and there is no margin for incorrect rendering of a term. Legal translation is even more technical in this respect and all our translators do not only hold relevant qualifications, but also have many years of experience in the field. This way we ensure quality and can guarantee that your certified legal translation is accurate and valid.  

We deliver certified legal translation services from or into English and offer a 24-hour completion service on some standard one-to-two-page documents. If you have an urgent deadline, please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss urgent timeframes. We will also gladly provide you with a free quote.

Legal documents are quite diverse and can be both very short, but also long, more than 100 pages, for example. Some of the most common documents you may require a certified legal translation for include, but are not limited to:

  • Contacts and agreements (employment, sale, transfer, confidentiality, etc.)
  • Deeds (notary public, etc.)
  • Court transcripts, decisions, decrees or judgments
  • Powers of attorney
  • Depositions
  • Succession documents  
  • Probates, wills, etc.
  • Legal guidelines
  • Litigation or arbitration documents
  • Law texts
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Acquiring Your Dream Home in 2021

If you’re like many people, you were all set to buy your dream home in 2020. Then the pandemic hit, and massive uncertainty plagued the housing market, plunging the industry into confusion, along with the rest of the world.

But now that the extreme confusion and issues surrounding COVID-19 have slowly started to decrease in intensity, there is no better time to invest in your dream home.

In this guide, we will outline some of the questions you should ask yourself in order to be ready to purchase your dream home in 2021. If you are still feeling uncertain or anxious about the process, you may consider working with an experienced mortgage professional. These experts in the housing field will help you get into the home of your dreams quickly and efficiently.

What Can You Afford for a Down Payment?

When you get close to the point of purchasing your new home, you’ll need to carefully consider how much you will contribute to your down payment. General guidelines indicate that you should put down at least 20% of the home’s value for your down payment. However, this amount is unrealistic for some people.

Working with your lender and with a mortgage professional, you can figure out a down payment amount which you are able to afford.

Are You Maintaining a Strict Budget?

Defining and sticking to a strict budget is a must if you are hoping to buy your dream home in 2021. You’ll need to immediately start saving money for both your down payment and for your upcoming mortgage payments.

Whatever you are able to cut from your monthly spending should be eliminated immediately. As hard as it is to give up some of the comforts we are accustomed to, it is necessary when looking to purchase a home.

Limiting yourself to ordering take out only once a month and cutting costs wherever you can are great ways to save. Additionally, you may consider picking up some extra work through a side job in order to increase your income and save even more.

There are tons of creative ways to save money, you just need to set a monthly budget and stick to it.

Have You Been Pre-Approved?

Getting pre-approved for your mortgage is an absolute necessity. Going through the pre-approval process will give you insight into which homes are realistic for you to purchase and will save you time and stress. Best of all, the pre-approval process only takes a few minutes and simply requires a phone call to your mortgage professional.

Have you Considered Working with a Mortgage Professional?

There is no requirement to do so, but you should strongly consider partnering with a mortgage professional like the ones at Rex Homes as you go through the homebuying process. These individuals know everything there is to know about the housing market and what it takes to get a good mortgage rate. They can help you every step of the way, answer any questions you may have, and make the homebuying process as stress-free as possible.

Why wait? Talk to an experienced mortgage professional today!

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What To Look For When Building A House

Provided by West Side Tractor Sales

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New Family Home Design Checklist

Checklist created by Millbrook Modular Homes

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3 Easy Tips to Prevent Mold from Growing Inside Your House

When winter is in full swing, it gets dark and damp. It is easy for your house to become a breeding ground for mildew and mold during the colder months, presenting several health risks. You can quickly get eye irritations, respiratory issues, headaches, and sinus infections too. Mildew and mold are dangerous, especially if you have senior citizens or infants living with you because they usually have weaker immunity. Apart from the health issues, mold can also damage your building structure and furniture.

If you have no idea what it is, mold is an airborne spore that does well in warm, damp conditions. It can form on various surfaces, including tiles, plastics, painted concrete walls, and wooden furniture. Mildew will also form on textiles. Because mold can cause a lot of damage, it is vital to deal with it before it causes extensive damage. Here are ways to do so.

  1. Identify any problems and correct them quickly 

It is impossible to mold-proof your house, but you could make it mold-resistant. The first necessary step is to conduct an audit. Identify your problem areas. For instance, do specific windows in your house have too much condensation? Do you have watermarks on your ceiling from persistent leaks? And does your basement flood? Preventing mildew from growing could be as easy as addressing these issues.

Start by removing the carpet from your damp basement or install mold-resistant fixtures. You could also repair your leaking roof or damaged gutters. Sometimes dry fogging for mold and waterproofing will help prevent any from growing in the first place. It is also effective in preventing existing mold from spreading. Whatever approach you choose, ensure that it is effective and done as soon as the problem is discovered.

  1. Proper ventilation

Sometimes, the activities occurring within certain rooms in your home tend to encourage the growth of mildew. To ensure that simple everyday activities such as showering, preparing meals, and laundry don’t invite mold, have proper ventilation within these rooms. All high moisture areas in the house, including your kitchen, laundry room, and bathroom, should be well-ventilated.

You can also vent any appliances in your home that tend to produce moisture, like stoves, to the outside. Another solution is using dehumidifiers and AC units, especially if you live in humid climates.

  1. Dry any wet areas immediately

Mold requires moisture to grow. Therefore, it is vital to dry off any wet areas immediately. Sometimes water might seep into your basement after heavy rains or accumulate in your attic due to a leaking pipe. Even if it is just spillage on your carpet, ensure that you dry out any water within 24 to 48 hours. In case of a flood, remove your carpets, beddings, or furniture outside to dry them entirely.

After removing any waterlogged item outside for proper drying and care, dry your interior surfaces completely. Lastly, avoid leaving wet clothes inside your washing machine as these are breeding grounds for mold to spread.

Mildew and mold can cause a lot of inconvenience and damage to both property and human beings. These tips are practical for every homeowner and don’t require a lot of money to actualize. In the case of mildew, prevention is always better than cure.

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What to Do if Your Real Estate Agent Isn’t Performing

Selling a home is rarely as easy as imagined. Sometimes, things do not go as planned because the market isn’t cooperative. Other times, you wind up with a poor real estate agent who just isn’t performing up to standard. When that happens, what can you do?

Working with a real estate broker or agent outside of a contractual agreement offers an easy exit. You simply make a phone call and politely let the agent know you are done. That’s that. But if you signed a contract with the agent or broker, you signed a legally binding agreement. Getting out of that contract could prove difficult.

●  Contracts Protect Both Parties

Salt Lake City’s CityHome Collective explains that contracts are designed protect all involved parties. Real estate brokers often require contracts as a means of legally determining the rights and responsibilities of broker, agent, and seller.

In most cases, canceling a contract is not the issue. At issue is language within the contract that stipulates one of two things:

  • Exclusivity – A typical seller’s agent contract contains language giving that agent the exclusive right to list the property for a certain amount of time. Six months is typical.
  • Sales Fees – Some seller’s agent contracts contain language stipulating that the agent or their brokerage is still legally entitled to a fee once the home sells.

The problem with both of the stipulations is that they lock the seller into that brokerage or agent for the duration of the contract. Even if the broker agrees to cancel, you still might not have the right to list your property with another broker until after the date your original contract would have expired. And during that time, you may still have to pay the original broker’s fee upon sale.

● Contact an Attorney for Help

The experts at CityHome Collective say the last thing you should do is call your broker and threaten action because you are unsatisfied with the agent’s performance. Threats tend to garner an equally hostile response. Instead, your best course of action is to ask that your home be reassigned to another agent.

Should contacting the brokerage owner not resolve the situation, the only other alternative is to contact the lawyer. An experienced lawyer may be able to negotiate a way out of the contract that is amenable to both parties.

You will have a stronger case if you can demonstrate that, in failing to perform as expected, your agent or broker violated your contractor agreement. For instance, maybe the contract stipulated how your agent was to market your home. A failure to do so constitutes a breach of contract and is legal grounds for termination without penalty.

● Failing to Sell Is Insufficient

Note that simply failing to sell your house is insufficient cause for terminating a seller’s agent agreement. Your house might fail to sell for any number of reasons. If the agent markets your home, shows it on request, and takes reasonable steps to attract potential buyers, there isn’t much you can do.

Having said that, there is something you can do before you sign a contract. Seller’s agent contracts are not set in stone. There is no particular format they have to follow or language they have to contain. Consider adding language to the contract that stipulates conditions under which you might terminate the deal.

Selling a home is already difficult enough. It’s made worse when real estate brokers and agents don’t perform. But unless you head things off by modifying contract language before you sign, you may be out of luck.

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Pest control in Boise, ID: Hiring the right company & more!

Dealing with pests can be frustrating and disgusting at the same time. Some pests and insects are carriers of diseases, while others can cause structural damage to your property. Unfortunately, it’s not rare for homeowners to find pests in Boise, ID, thanks to the climate and weather of the region. So, when is the right time to call an exterminator? How do you find the best pest control service in Boise? In this post, we are sharing the basic aspects you need to know. 

Signs you have pests at home – 

  1. Droppings
  2. Shed wings and body parts
  3. Evident structural damage
  4. Damaged plants
  5. Tunnels along the walls
  6. Weird sounds at night
  7. Pests in visible sight

By the time you spot pests in plain sight, the extent of infestation is extreme in all probability. 

Why should you avoid DIY pest control?

Although the internet is beaming with products and hacks that promise easy pest control, these are barely effective. Keep in mind that just killing a few pests in sight doesn’t mean you have control over the situation. Most pests thrive underneath, and it’s best to call a professional pest control service at the earliest. Exterminators have the resources, expertise, methods, equipment and products that can get rid of pests effectively and without causing much damage to the environment. 

How to find a reliable pest control company in Boise?

The internet is your best resource for finding best-rated pest control companies in Boise, and many of them have dedicated websites, where you can find all details. Call the exterminator and ask for an estimate. A professional pest control company will always send their inspectors to check your home, before sharing an estimate. Make sure you check the following – 

  1. The exterminator should be licensed and must have necessary permissions. 
  2. The exterminator must have liability insurance. 
  3. They must have an in-house team of pest control experts, who are bonded and insured. 
  4. The pest control company should offer some assurance/warranty on the job. 
  5. They must offer a clear estimate and contract in advance. 

If you want to know a pest control company better, check for independent reviews online, and also, ask for a few references. Top exterminators will also explain the methods and products they are using for the process, so there is transparency in the work done. 

Don’t delay in calling a pest control company – It’s much easier to control the situation in the initial stages. 

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Have you ever heard of metal paints?

Do you have a metal object that needs to be taken care of? You must consider painting it. This will not only revitalize its look but also lengthen its life. There will lesser or no cases of rusting, keeping it strong for many years to come. A metal piece is a long-time investment. So, taking good care is a good option. For this, you will need a few tips and tools. You can make it a DIY project but we suggest that you can take help from professionals.

Tips to keep your metal objects fresh and strong:

  • Prep steps:the first and the most important thing is to prep the object that you want to paint. Also, make sure to collect all the items together that you would like to paint. So that in lesser time you can do more. Make a list and bring all the items together. Decide a special place where you would like to use it, it must be well ventilated. Keep loads of newspaper on the floor or maybe a rough cloth for covering the floor. So that while you make the metal object beautiful you do not ruin the floor. Keep tools ready like brushes, sand block, primer, dry cloth, paint, safety glasses, mask and gloves.
  • Surface inspection:Before you begin painting inspect the surface of the metal object that you are going to paint. There must be no cracks, peeling or chipped area on the surface. Any imperfections will make the layer of paint uneven and spoil the whole look. You can remove these imperfections before painting with the help of a metal brush or sandpaper. Wear a mask and gloves when you work so that you do not bruise yourself. A smooth surface is a must for the best finish.
  • Remove any old paint:in case the object you are going to paint is already painted then you will first have to remove the old paint. The new metal paint may not give an even finish.So, remove any small patch also. Use sandpaper to get rid of the old paint or any rust. Clean the surface with a moist cloth and let it dry to be sure that even the smallest dust particles have been taken care of.
  • Primer:begin with a layer of primer. This is a base coat of the metal paint so that the paint stays on for longer and there is a neat finish. You can use spray for this purpose. It gives neater look and even coating. You may also use a roller for this purpose. Let it dry for around 24 hours before you apply the paint to it.
  • Paint:select the colour and the texture that you are desiring. It can mat finish or glossy. Buy the paint accordingly. There will be a need for multiple layers for a proper finish so buy the paint accordingly. After each coat, you will have to let it dry out completely before the application of the next coat. Else there will be waves or rolls. Apply a lacquer seal coat on the top to make sure that the moisture stays away for long and your paint looks neat.

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Everything the Best Online Real Estate Schools Have to Offer

What separates the best online real estate school from its competitors? Staying up to date with developments in the industry, as well as in teaching and learning. Rather than enrolling in the first real estate school, you find, begin researching institutions in your state that offer courses. As you do so, keep an eye out for signs that they’re an industry leader, such as their method of content delivery and exam preparation, as well as their professors’ qualifications and their students’ pass rates.

As you begin your search, keep an eye out for the following characteristics of a top-quality online real estate school. By doing so, you will be able to streamline the process of earning your real estate license and improve your chances of succeeding in the industry once you have done so.

Characteristics of the best online real estate schools around

1. Real-world applications

When you’re learning about the world of real estate, you don’t need to only learn about theory—rather, you need your instructors to teach you what they’ve learned from experience. In high-quality online real estate schools, you will learn everything you need to pass the state exam, as well as do well in your career.

2. Self-paced

Rather than having to commute to a physical space to receive your education, the best real estate schools take advantage of an online environment, which allows you to set your own pace. By creating your schedule, you’re able to continue your day-to-day life without having to sacrifice your dream of becoming an agent.

3. 15-day completion

If you’re in a hurry to complete the program, there is a possibility to finish in as little as 15 days, meaning you can take the state exam and apply for your license in no time. Of course, as stated above, this isn’t necessary though, as you can also decide to go more slowly.

4. 100% pass rate

As you research prospective online real estate schools, try your best to find one with a 100% pass rate. This will allow you to rest assured that as long as you pay the money and do the work, their team of experts will support you in your journey in passing the exam and obtaining your license.

5. Honest pricing

Everything should be crystal clear in terms of pricing on an online real estate school’s website. Look for guarantees—moneyback guarantees, price-matching guarantees, pass guarantees, etc.—which will show you how dedicated an institution is to give you the most honest pricing plan possible. This is particularly important to avoid hidden fees, which many institutions will add either in fine print or later if you decide to change your plan in the course.

6. Networking opportunities

Another sign that an online real estate school is reputable is if they offer their students opportunities to network with other students in the class, their professors, and professionals currently working in the field. This provides an added incentive to take the course, as you have chances to meet potential collaborators once you’ve received your license.

7. 1-year access to the course

Everything you do in your course should be available to you long after you pass your exam. A good real estate school will give you access to their platform for an extended time after you pass their exam, just in case you need to revisit something you covered while registered in the class, such as your textbook, audiobooks, video recordings, or other materials that were provided in the program.

8. Original content

Many real estate schools will use outdated textbooks or generic resources that may not directly apply to your state. To ensure that you’re getting the best experience possible, don’t hesitate to ask a prospective real estate education program where their resources come from—the best schools out there will create their own content that is specifically catered to their students and state.

9. Regular exam reviews

In addition to providing, you with a wide variety of resources, your real estate course should also offer you reviews that highlight what exams will cover. With these, you can have focused review sessions before practice exams and exams, thus providing you with additional support. This is especially helpful before you take the course’s exam, and then again when you go to take the state exam.

10. Available professors

Last but not least, the professors at the industry’s leading online real estate schools will be available whenever you need them, not only by email, but by chat, phone, and video calls. Having the additional layer of support means you can conveniently contact them and get your questions answered whenever and wherever you may be.

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