Do you have too much junk in your trunks? Have you turned the garage into a personal storage unit? It’s time to free up some space in your home.

The best way to do it? Rent a storage space.

Boxing up old stuff and storing it helps you declutter and reorganize. When you declutter, you make room for more creative space. You also sleep and concentrate better when you’re not drowning in unused clutter.

This is because clutter-related anxiety makes it hard to doze off at night, which ultimately leads to insomnia.

If you have far too much clutter in your home, don’t rush and sell everything off. Instead, rent a storage unit. This is how you’ll benefit.

  1. When You Rent a Storage It Helps You Downsize

First-dates, weddings, anniversaries, and birthdays mean a lot to people. So much so that they collect memories every time these events come around.

Unfortunately, most people run out of shelf room and wall space trying to hold on to these memories. What ends up happening? Closets overfilled with bags and boxes of old stuff.

When the closets get to full, you migrate things to the garage until it fills up and you can’t park the car. When you get ready to move, you’ll realize you ten times more than what you moved in with.

Packing these excessive things up in storage helps you prepare for downsizing. You won’t have much to move when you shift to a smaller space.

  1. More Space!

Most often, people don’t realize they have a lot of space in their living areas. They spend years stuffing unused things everywhere, and they fill up usable space.

Taking advantage of a storage rental creates more space.

Move all those things you don’t use anymore, but aren’t ready to throw away, out. Watch how space opens up all over your home.

  1. A Cleaner Home

Face it! Too much stuff is just messy. A messy home leads to a dirty home.

Dust and dirt get trapped underneath boxes and bins. If you have bags of stuff cramped in closets that aren’t temperature controlled, expect mold. Moldy spots in a home cause illness through allergic reactions, breathing issues, and rashes.

Moving stuff to a rental unit exposes unclean areas in your home and encourage you to spring clean.

  1. Makes Renovation Easier

One of the main reasons renovations take longer than usual is because people have too much stuff.

Packing excess things away in a monthly rental space saves contractors a lot of time. They spend fewer man-hours moving old stuff out and more time getting the main job done.

  1. Safe Keepings

Not all homes come built with an inconspicuous safe. That leaves all those precious heirlooms, passed down through the generations, exposed.

Unless you can afford a high-tech security system, it’s safer to lock them up somewhere secure. Most storage facilities are under 24-hour surveillance security. Plus, you’re allowed to double-down on protection.

Storage facilities allow users to add additional locks and individual door alarms to their units. This gives storage users the same sense of security as having their things in a safe deposit box. Ask Inner City Moving & Storage Company for more details on that.

Box Stuff Up

For all that old stuff you have boxed up and sitting around, rent a storage space. Free up more walking room and get your house back.

Let us help you with your downsize. Check out our guides for the latest tips to tackle your next move.