What is a retaining wall? You have passed them every day without even taking notice. They are in many places, such as in homes, schools, parks, and mountain passes.

These structures have twofold purposes. They prevent landslides and erosion of soil, plus they provide us with extra useable land.

How do you know you could benefit from having a retaining wall? This guide will explain what you need to know.

What Is a Retaining Wall

A retaining wall gives additional support to stop the earth from sliding downhill by erosion as well as diverting rainwater.

Sometimes, retaining walls are also built for better usage of garden space, such as new herb gardens or extra seating space.

Retaining walls are built with a variety of materials. They come in different sizes and shapes. Materials used are timber, concrete, blocks, or natural stone.

To Retain or Not to Retain, That Is the Question

Do you need a retaining wall? Here are some suggestions that will help in the decision of building a retaining wall.

Your Property Is On a Hill

Living on a Hill brings its space problems. Should the slope of your property prevent you from maximizing the usage of space, the addition of a retaining wall can create a more fruitful space. This space could be a parking space or a patio. The possibilities are endless.

Erosion Prevention

Prevent soil erosion by building a retaining wall. This prevents the sliding of soil down your slopes onto the road.

The loss of soil from your garden is dangerous as it could affect your house foundations.

Flowing Rainwater

Water is one of mother nature’s elements. It can cause damage to your foundation and flood your basement. By building a retaining wall, you can divert the flow.

The retaining wall will also help prevent the water from eroding the soil around your home.

Out With the Old In With the New

Retaining walls have a lifespan if built incorrectly. Inspect your existing retaining wall to see if there are any cracks or weak spots.

Make sure you get professional help before building one, as sometimes a DIY job can become a disaster. Residents of Austin, Texas, try CLC Landscaping, LLC for reputable and professional landscaping services.

Extend Your Garden Planting Space

If you love gardening and do not have enough space, building retaining walls will help you build planting spots. From a herb garden near your kitchen to a feature garden near your pool.

Retaining walls can create a terraced garden to be proud of!

Enhancing Your Entertainment Area

If your entertainment area lacks space, the top of a retaining wall can be extra seating together with its other functions. Why not enhance the seating area with cushions to brighten up a dull corner?

With a bit of creativity, turn retaining walls into interesting features for your home.

Do Not Lose Out, Retain It

Have we helped you to answer the question, what is a retaining wall? Apart from that, whether you need one?

A retaining wall, apart from being a preventative safety measure, can improve the value of your home. How? By optimizing the usage of the space provided by them and making them aesthetically pleasing will go a long way to increase the value of your home.

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