These tips can help you to find the right agent to help you with your Marylebone property rentals, sale or purchase. It’s important not to be overwhelmed by the vast amount of information available online, especially when your home is probably the biggest investment or purchase you’ll ever make. Not all estate agents are reliable and will get the job done; read on to find out how you can be assured of working with someone who will actually get the job done.

Consider the Type of Transaction

Many agents specialize; they might work with buyers purchasing a home for the first time, or with those on the buying side of any transaction. A seller’s agent may work mostly with marketing and listing houses and flats. However, all agents are able to work on the seller’s behalf or the buyer’s behalf.

Just as in other areas of life, it pays to work with someone with specific and relevant experience. It probably makes sense to choose a seller’s agent if you are selling your property so that you can buy and move into another home, and if you are not selling but are only buying, working with an agent whose area of expertise is helping buyers is a better approach.

And if you’re renting, an agent specializing in Marylebone property rentals can best help you.

Industry Experience

Because the amount of regulation to be an estate agent is minimal, it’s true to say that anybody can work as an agent, which means not everybody is good at it. It’s not like qualifying as a lawyer, which takes years and requires extensive training. It pays you to talk to a potential real estate agent, ask about their background, their approach to the work and their track record of transactions. Your success is better assured when you work with someone experienced and an agent who seems to have limited experience probably means it’s time to look for someone else to handle your sale or purchase.

There are some things that just shouldn’t be left to people who have little or no experience, and helping clients to buy or sell the property is one of them. One Marylebone agent that does have the experience you’re looking for is Jeremy James and Company, and we can help achieve your property goals, whether buying or selling. Our agents will help you through every step of the process, know the local area inside out, and will help to ensure that it’s a successful and smooth process, whether you’re renting, selling, or buying.