Certified legal translation refers to the process of translating a legal document and certifying it for subsequent intended use or legal purposes. Certification is also often called authentication or legalisation, depending on the specific jurisdiction, but in Ireland it is essentially known as certification, meaning that your legal translation is certified to be true and accurate. Legal translation would otherwise just be a translation and is unlikely to be accepted for submission to authorities or institutions.

Certified legal translation is thus important for ensuring that your documents, or rather translations thereof, are accepted for further processing. It is in fact a requirement to give your translated legal document official validity and credibility.

Linguistically speaking, translation is an art form, but it is also a science where every word counts and there is no margin for incorrect rendering of a term. Legal translation is even more technical in this respect and all our translators do not only hold relevant qualifications, but also have many years of experience in the field. This way we ensure quality and can guarantee that your certified legal translation is accurate and valid.  

We deliver certified legal translation services from or into English and offer a 24-hour completion service on some standard one-to-two-page documents. If you have an urgent deadline, please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss urgent timeframes. We will also gladly provide you with a free quote.

Legal documents are quite diverse and can be both very short, but also long, more than 100 pages, for example. Some of the most common documents you may require a certified legal translation for include, but are not limited to:

  • Contacts and agreements (employment, sale, transfer, confidentiality, etc.)
  • Deeds (notary public, etc.)
  • Court transcripts, decisions, decrees or judgments
  • Powers of attorney
  • Depositions
  • Succession documents  
  • Probates, wills, etc.
  • Legal guidelines
  • Litigation or arbitration documents
  • Law texts