It’s doubtful that every room in your home is sized to fit an indoor track, especially when that home is a flat more accommodating to your budget than to your grand design fantasies. However, filling a small space doesn’t necessarily mean you need to go without- it just means that you are going to have to get creative. Here are 10 tips on how to maximize that space by choosing the right furniture and where to put it.

Use the Perimeter

In order to maximize your limited space, whenever possible, line your furniture around the perimeter of the room. Mount your television, attach bookshelves to the wall, or line it with a sectional couch that can host lots of guests comfortably.

Multi-Use Storage Furniture

With little closet space, you are going to want furniture that includes some extra storage. Use a lift-top ottoman or trunk to double as a coffee table, or perhaps even better, plop your feet down on a coffee table that converts to a desk and you can turn your tiny living quarters into a home office.

Mind the Bed Space

Consider getting a couch that folds out into a bed, or if that’s not your thing, you can choose a tall bed that will allow for space underneath where you can tuck storage bins or even luggage. Getting a storage bed will give you the opportunity to do away with your dresser.

Stick to Small Furniture

Opt for beds with simple headboards and pass on dining tables with wide, chunky legs. When choosing an appropriate sofa, go with one that has skinny arms, and a tight, upholstered back. For that matter, there’s absolutely no reason that you can’t choose to go with a backless one instead so you can push it tighter against the wall.

Stash Some Extra Seating

Depending on just how small the space is that you are trying to fill, even a tiny sofa might soak up too much room. Try keeping a stash of folding or stackable chairs in a closet or stored under a bed.

Ditch the Coffee Table

Who says a single piece of furniture is even necessary? You might even be able to save more space by replacing the coffee table with drum tables. These can still offer the convenience of additional storage space, while also allowing better traffic through your room. These further benefit from being easy to move whenever the situation calls for it.

Dual Functionality

Your furniture need not come with advertised multiple functionality. You can improvise and turn a medium-sized desk into a dining room table or use that wonderful storage ottoman for additional seating.

Get Those Lamps Off the Floor

Go with lighting options that hang from the ceiling or buy some that attach to a wall to clear up some extra floor space that can be put to better use. You can also opt to use a swingarm lamp to clear the surface of those side tables.

Think Outside the Box

A furniture item isn’t limited to its labeled use. A garden bench functions perfectly at the dinner table for extra seating, while a dining room sideboard can provide extra cupboard space and a surface to show off your collectible items.

Take It Vertical

If you don’t mind clearing the walls of your excessive art collection, this space can always be used to add additional shelving space. Should your bookcase be a bit too bulky, you might consider trading it in for some bookshelves, instead.