If your garage doors are in need of repair, it might be a better solution to replace them completely, and if you are going to the trouble of doing that, the obvious choice would be a motorised unit with full remote control. If you are not so familiar with the newer versions of roller shutter doors, here are just a few reasons why motorised solutions are preferred.

  1. Convenience – Perhaps the number one reason why homeowners opt for a remote controlled garage door is the convenience it offers. We have all experienced the wet and windy evenings when we have to leave the warmth and comfort of our car interior to open the garage doors, and with a remote unit, those uncomfortably wet experiences are firmly a thing of the past. The doors will automatically close after you have driven inside, and with a very secure locking system, no one would bother trying to gain forced entry.
  2. Safety – Many people injure themselves while trying to open their garage doors, and this can be very strenuous, especially if the tracking is misaligned and the doors are old. A motorised unit will be perfectly balanced and the smooth running will ensure you never again pull a back muscle while trying to open the garage doors. If you are living in the UK, and are looking for insulated roller garage doors, there are online suppliers who can customise the unit to perfectly fit your garage.
  3. Reliability – once the unit has been successfully installed, there are no regular maintenance tasks to carry out, and aside from keeping the doors clean and the tracking free of obstructions, there is nothing else to do. You might need to change the remote battery every now and then, but other than that, the system requires no special care and attention.
  4. Made to Measure – one of the reasons why garage doors do not work properly is because they were not made for that particular opening, and with some packing here and there, the unit will eventually fit, but this means the tracking system is out of alignment and that causes friction when the doors are moving.
  5. Added Security – The garage door is often a target for the burglar, as they know how easy it can be to gain forced entry, yet they are also aware of how strong roller shutter doors are, and would not attempt a forced entry. With the rest of your house well protected, it makes sense to have some security on the garage door, as it very often is adjoined to the home. Modern units have special self-locking mechanisms, which eliminates the risk of forgetting to lock the doors at night.

Modern garage door solutions involve made to measure units, and with reliable online suppliers who can manufacture to the client’s exact specifications, you are ensured of a perfect fit. DIY allows for an affordable price, and the new garage doors will add considerable value to the property.