The bathroom is one of the most important rooms of the home due to the amount of time that is spent in the space each day. The style and design of the room influences the value of the property and can allow it to look updated.

To ensure that your bathroom is attractive and looks professionally designed, there are a few important styles to incorporate into the space.

Minimalist Design

Bathrooms that follow the latest trends are minimalist with their design to create a clean and relaxing place to spend time in.

Consider using subway tiles in the shower to dress up the walls or use geometric tiles on the backsplash, which is retro and hip.

You can also use built-in shelving to hide toiletries or hair tools that can quickly clutter the room for extra storage options.

Freestanding Bathtubs

When you want to make a statement in your bathroom design, update the room with a freestanding bathtub that works as one of the main focal points of the setting. It’s important to use plenty of symmetry around the bathroom to ensure that there’s enough balance that allows the space to look professionally decorated.

Consider installing a bathtub that features an oval or square shape, which can be used in the middle of the room near a window and will create a modern environment.


Incorporate the outdoors into your bathroom to allow it to feel earthy and serene with natural green color shades that are used. Consider hanging a plant over a pedestal bathtub or adding succulents on the countertop.

Avoid using more than two plants in the bathroom due to the small size of the space.

Reclaimed Wood Materials

Make use of reclaimed wood, which can be used to stack towels on with a shelf that is installed or to create an accent wall on one of the main areas of the bathroom.

You can also install cabinets that are constructed out of reclaimed wood to create a modern setting that has a high level of design. Mix the reclaimed wood with neutral shades or metallic elements for a modern area that looks appealing and luxe.

Create a Lounge Area

Lounge areas where residents can relax and kick their feet up are increasing in popularity due to the serenity that they add to bathrooms that blend in better with the rest of the home.

This allows the bathroom to feel cozy and inviting when you want to read a book or enjoy your morning cup of coffee to take a break from getting ready. The lounge area also allows residents to spend time with one another during their morning routine.

Consider adding an upholstered chair and a side table in the corner of the room, which can hold a candle or a stack of magazines.

Walk-in Showers

Walk-in showers that don’t contain any doors are increasing in popularity for their functionality and high-end style. The showers can accommodate a large group of people and often include multiple shower heads and seating areas, making it easy to spend more time bathing.