B-class hoarding is built above pedestrian footpaths to give overhead protection to people walking on it. It is built specially to safeguard public from any danger occurring to them from objects falling from building construction sites.

In addition to this, b class hoardings in Sydney are also specially designed to facilitate scaffolding, high climbers, building site shades, stages for construction workers and more. The b-class hoarding is specially designed by engineers and certified experts.

This type of b Class hoardings in Australia is specially designed and built to form an integrated structure overhead that protects the pedestrians, walkers and bicycle riders who go on the footpath. It is important that a structural framework of the b class hoardings are made up of steel and not timber. It is made up of prefabricated modular steel gantry, each of which is assembled in parts and segments to form a total whole. It can also accommodate a site fence.

  • Full Structural B-Class Hoardings:

The full structural b-class hoarding is also specially designed and constructed to serve the same purpose as the above type of b-class hoardings. However, the full structural b Class hoardings in Sydney which are assembled in situ are much wider when compared to the modular gantry one. The entire structure is steel framed and forms an overhead protective structure that is constructed over wide pedestrians, pathways, cycle paths, and footways. Generally, the full structural b Class hoardings are the most preferred choice and solution due to the fact that it gives greater flexibility covers a wider area and accommodates a whole lot of structures which includes trees that grow through it, street furniture, poles, lamp poles and lights and other supporting structures. This is the widely preferred solution due to the fact that it reduces the number of footpath encroachments and maximizes wide pathways for pedestrians to walk on.

The Full Structural B Class Holding is Constructed In The Following Areas:

  • B class structural holding is constructed in localities that have a higher population density where the number of pedestrians using foot parts is
  • Areas with more vehicular traffic that forces pedestrians to choose the pathways to avoid accidents and dangerous to life and personal property.
  • The full structural B Class hoarding is constructed in places so as to minimise the total number of obstructions and maximize a wider area to accommodate support constructions.
  • The full structural b class holding is also built in localities where there is a proposal of multiple site sheds and other construction requirements that needs to be placed aboard a hoarding deck.
  • In addition to the steel structural framework, the full structure b class holding will also comprise of structural plywood that is used to design the site fence.

Other Structures That Are Associated With The Big Class Hoardings:

In addition to the above, the other structures that are associated with the b class hoardings which includes site shades, scaffolding and other specifications.