One of the beautiful places to visit in Dubai is the Palm Jumeirah. Having a view of the artificial offshore island is a great experience you will forever appreciate. It is a residential home for those who want to rent or purchase a home where style and serenity meet, and it hosts lots of amazing hotels for expats from all over the world.

With the look of the area from the air, you will get to see the archipelago which resembles a well-designed palm tree in a circle. The city was developed with the help of one of the best real estate companies known as Nakheel, not a private firm but owned by the government of Dubai.

The entire plan of the area was drawn by an American architectural firm known as Helman Hurley Charvat Peacock and was constructed in the 21st century. The whole structure was financed with the income from petroleum in the city, and that makes it one of the well-decorated areas in the city.

What are the best ultra-modern villas in Palm Jumeirah ?

Exceptional Penthouse at the Alef Residences (AED 58,250,000)

The charming villa apartment isn’t an abode that is common in the area, and that is because you can hardly see its kind on the offshore. It is a penthouse, and it shows what it entails with the name exceptional.

The palms Jumeirah host this fabulous penthouse that is built on the building of a villa. It has three bedrooms, and with ample space living room that makes the premises one of the best places, you will love to dwell. It is endowed with the soothing environment due to the natural breeze and serenity of the area.

The penthouse isn’t just structured and left alone, but well designed with top materials for both the exterior and interior parts. All that it has to offer is the convenience and comfort of living a private life where you get to enjoy the best of being alone without disturbance from people around or the bustle of the city.  Every part of the building is equipped with quality materials including the kitchen. It is a residential apartment with exclusive amenities for residents and also the W hotel for expats.

Incredible Penthouse in Palm Jumeirah (AED 93,330,000)

Why would you think this will be called the incredible if it’s indeed not incredible in its architectural design, style, and pattern? The coastal location of the villa makes it appealing to expats, and the unique design adds to the beauty of the penthouse.

It is the most expensive on the island, and it has lots of things to offer aside from the amenities residents in the area enjoy such as skyline views from the balconies. You can’t compare the architectural design of the penthouse to any on the island, and that makes it a perfect home for politicians, famous or wealthy personnel.

It has five different en-suite bedrooms, and the whole building is placed on two sections and linked by an interior lifts and staircase for smooth movement. The touch of beauty of the villa is amazing, and that makes it so appealing and so difficult to resist.

The exclusive amenities residents have access to include private garden area, valet service, beach access, basement parking, access to TV and satellite, each bedroom has its wardrobes, personal pool, entertainment area and recreational facilities, concierge service and fitness center to mention a few. All these facilities make up this dynamic home for all.

Elegant Beachfront Villa by Ellington at the Palm (AED 21,000,000)

The unique villa is structured in a way to meet the needs of those who cherish living exceptionally well. It is an apartment that offers residents the platform to floor to ceiling ocean views. It is furnished with five different bedrooms, and it gives inhabitants the complete private lifestyle they’ve ever craved for.

The villa is complemented with fantastic amenities, and that makes it so appealing and pleasing to inhabitants.  Some of the facilities include a patio, swimming pool, balcony, sauna, clubhouse, satellite, steam room, and fitness center to mention a few.

The spacious space and pure design of the building make it ideal to accommodate guests in small and large groups for any occasions. The villa has just five bedrooms with wardrobes, and all the things you will find there is a means to make life bearable and easier for inhabitants.

In conclusion, Palm Jumeirah is sure a place to visit in Dubai, and it is as well a residential area for those who will love to get an apartment there. All the three villas in this article are all listed on the luxury property so you can go over to the site and make the best of this opportunity.