The business of logistics in India is rising day by day. Whenever some operations are to be established in India, lots of companies might come across hurdles in supply chains. But it is nowadays only a perception as the reality is that logistics in India has enhanced to a great level. According to one of the market researcher Novo nous, the current turnover of the logistic industry in India is around $300billion. It is expected that logistic industry is going to grow more by around 12.17 percent by 2020. The logistic sector requires a lot of innovations to be done always and always.

There are several companies that are providing the logistic services in Delhi NCR and many other regions of India. The great reason behind the popularity of the logistic sector in India is the rising E-commerce industry. The growing competition among the popular E-commerce companies like Paytm, Flipkart, Snapdeal has given birth to the logistic sector. There is a new feature that has been launched by Snapdeal, i.e. Snapdeal Instant that guarantees to deliver items within an hour only. This is how, logistic services in India is gaining popularity and a great growth.

How have logistic services been enhanced?

  1. Book your own vehicle: Best logistic service providers in India allow people to book the transportation vehicle of their own choice. Choose the vehicle within your budget and according to your convenience.
  1. Vehicle tracking: With the help of enhanced logistic services, you can even track the vehicle that is carrying your goods and items. Tracking helps to build the trust of customers towards the logistic company.
  1. Paying online with credit or debit card: As the technology has made the logistic sector smarter, so logistic sector allows a person to pay online for the services via credit card, debit card, or net banking. During the period of demonetization, it was easy for people to carry on the logistics business with the help of smart payment options.
  1. Express shipping: The improvement in the logistic sector has made it possible to do express shipping. As the demand for logistic services is rising day by day, so the logistic companies are improving themselves to offer express shipping, i.e. delivery within a day or sometimes within an hour as well.

What types of logistics services are offered by logistic companies in Delhi?

  1. Freight forwarding and logistics: Whether you need to import any goods or export ant goods, all such services fall under the category of logistics and freight forwarding.
  1. Warehousing: Several logistic companies are committed to take care of the commodities that are either exported or imported.
  1. Door to door services: If you are shifting somewhere or if you have to transfer the goods or items to another place, logistic companies also provide the door to door services.

All such improvements done in logistic sector in India has marked the growth of this industry and expected to grow more and more this year. So, if you are looking for best logistic services in Delhi NCR, then you may opt Haultips that is one of the best logistic in Delhi which follows all the latest technology trends to offer express logistic services.