There comes a time in everyone life where you just do need all that space. The kids have moved out and you are looking to downsize your home. Instead of this being a nightmare for you, let’s go over some steps that make downsizing that much easier.

Fist off make a list of all the thing you love in your house and can’t live without. Downsizing means moving to a smaller area, and we all know you can take everything. A list of your most loved positions is a good way to let yourself know what you can really part with.

One thing that will help you out tremendously is starting to thin out your belongings at least three months before the move. Take some time every couple of days to go through your overflowing coat closet or that jammed packed junk room. Slowly but surely you will get rid of some unneeded junk, and it will make the moving day that much easier.

Starting to get a feel for the size of your new rooms will help out a lot. Feel out the size of your new rooms by comparing them to rooms of similar dimension in your present home. This will give you a better idea where things can go. For instance, your new living room may be the same size as your current bedroom. Knowing that the extra sofa you have won’t fit in your new living room before the move will save you time and effort.

One thing to remember that many people forget is do throw anything in the garbage. Sell, recycle, reuse, and donate. As easy and tempting as it is to trash wire hangers, old clothes, and shabby furnishings, be environmentally responsible and find a home for everything. Also, consider giving unwanted cleaning supplies to neighbours and shelters.

When downsizing label three bins to keep, to sell and to give to charity. Remember for the average downsize of a home, keep only one-third to one and a half of your belongings. This will ensure an easy and smooth downsize.

When getting rid of your positions, make sure you get an objective opinion. If you can’t decide whether to keep or get rid of that old dusty running machine from the 80’s, its good to have someone with you who will tell you are you really ever going to use that thing.  It might just be the kick you need.

For some extra cash, it’s always good to try and sell the items that you’re no longer going to use. Auctions for high-end items are great. Look for reputable antique and secondhand dealer for that old armoire that you thinking of throwing away. Often, dealer like this can buy all your unwanted wares or put you in touch with someone who will take it off your hands. If you can’t sell an item, donate it to a shelter.

Once you get to the packing stage of your move, use a colour-coded system to organize all of your boxes. Choose a colour for each room and mark the boxes destined for that room with a coordinating colour sticker. You can also do the same thing numerically. Just number the boxes 1 to 10. For example, No 1 is the living room and all boxes mark 1 will go to the living room. 22 will be the kitchen and all boxes marked 2 will go to the kitchen.

These are just some quick and easy tips to help your downsizing experience move that much sweeter. Some of the hardest things about moving are letting your old possessions go. So remember downsizing means you will not have the same amount of room so you will need to part with some of your belongings.