Bathrooms are one of the hardest rooms in the home when it comes to décor and design. Whilst the main aim of your bathroom is to create a fresh, clean space for you to use, it also needs to be a welcoming, relaxing haven that you can turn to when you need to escape from the rest of the world for a little while. In order to keep the balance of practical and functional, alongside inviting, homely and cosy, there are a few things you need to have in place. Bathrooms are one of the nicest rooms to decorate, even when it seems like a challenging task at the time, as you can create the perfect space for you, and let your personality shine through at the same time!

The colour of your bathroom is the main factor in how your bathroom will look and feel. The atmosphere in your bathroom is going to be one that can change easily, for example, you want to create a fresh, bright design that can be softened and relaxed with the addition of other items. White, cream, blue and grey are the best colours for creating the perfect fresh design as well as ensuring your bathroom is stylish and trendy. Mixing colours together is a really good way of adding a personal touch to the room, for example, white walls and trims would be complimented well by grey detailing such as towels, photo frames, mirror frame and so on. The beautiful thing about lighter colours is that they are really easy to change, if you feel the colour is looking tired or you simply want to refresh the room, it won’t be difficult for you to add some more colour or repaint the whole room. You can also add colour through features such as your hardware, door handles and light switches, which will add a delicate touch to the rooms overall look.

The most important thing when designing your bathroom with both practicality and relaxation in mind is to get that balance just right. Items such as your bath should be of a good size, not so big that it takes up the majority of your bathroom, but big enough for you to have a nice, relaxing bubble bath and let your worries soak away! Similarly, if you’re someone who takes a shower much more than a bath, you may find that including a large shower will be very handy. You don’t want to have to stand in the bath every time you want to take a shower, as not only is this an inconvenience but also slightly risky! You then need to look at your other items that help keep your bathroom running smoothly. If you have a larger family and are in need of plenty of towels, adding a bold feature such as an oak chest of drawers or even a selection of shelving units will instantly provide you with space to store towels, bathroom cleaning products and so on. This will also add character to your bathroom, and will create a beautiful space for you to place items such as scented candles, incense, photographs and even a small mirror on top. Keeping your storage neat and tidy is key in making sure your bathroom is functional, as well as relaxing, as you don’t want to take a bath in a bathroom that is cluttered with towels and clothes!

To keep that balance between functional and relaxing, your bathroom needs to work for you. There’s no point in designing a space that doesn’t help with your daily routine, as you want to create a space that enables you to get things done quickly and easily without having to worry about where things are or how you’re going to do something. Introducing items such as scented candles are the perfect way to create a strong, relaxing atmosphere that will help you float away into paradise, even if it is just for one hour. Scents such as lavender, coconut, chamomile and vanilla are perfect for creating that atmosphere and adding a beautiful aroma to the room.