As proud local Houston plumbers, we know that many people call us out for problems big and small. We work on everything from small water checks at the mains to finding problems with the local water supply. However, one thing we do know a lot about is little DIY tricks that you could do at home if you wanted to make your life easier. While we always appreciate the work, we don’t mind sharing a few of our ‘trade secrets’ with you either!

A common problem that we get calls about comes from creaking pipes. It sure is annoying to be trying to get to sleep, only to hear your home sounding like it’s in the middle of an orchestra. The sounds from creaking pipes can be much noisier than you might expect, so what can you do?

We have a simple DIY solution that you could do if you are skilled with a drill. To get started with, make sure that you have some proper pipes like copper pipes fitted. With the regular running water that goes through these pipes, the heat can cause them to extend. This is what causes the noise – the pipes are expanding, pushing strongly against the pipe hangers and the joists.

This leads to all of that creaking and clattering that you can hear. So, what can you do to solve this?

Solving your noisy pipes

To start off with, head to your local hardware store and you can pick up some adhesive-backed felt. Pick some of this up and then cut it into large strips that you can wrap around each of the pipes. Take the hangers off first and foremost, and then wrap the pipe with the adhesive-backed felting. Once this is on, it should help to cut down on the noise that you hear banging around as the water heats up.

If you want to do this right, it really is just a matter of measuring the pipes and cutting the felt to the shape that you would need it. You can do this, and it should make a big difference to how much sound your pipes are making as the water runs through them.

Not sure about doing this alone?

Then don’t worry about – call our local Houston plumbers and we can do it for you, we are the best plumbers around Houston TX . Just show us where the pipes are, and we can get to work on making sure they are protected with noise-cancelling felt. This goes a long way to making sure the felt can help to protect the pipe from swelling too much.

Now, when you go to bed at night you shouldn’t hear the pipes all creaking and moving around the place as they expand. It’s a smart, simple little tip that can do a whole lot to keep your nights a little less noisy.

For anyone who is sick of pipes that sound like they are on the verge of exploding, then, this simple DIY tips can solve the problem right away!