Goa is one of the most alluring holiday destinations in India. It is prominent for an endless stretch of coastline that has numerous breathtaking beaches for a thrilling holiday experience. Being the smallest state in India, Goa has established itself as the nation’s biggest tourist destination. Once in Goa, there is nothing holding you back from having an adventure of a lifetime. From beautiful bungalows in Goa to mouth-watering food and the best flea markets in the country, it is a complete holiday package in itself.  In a city where the sun never fails to shimmer over the golden coastlines and the lush green landscapes, here are a few things you can indulge in.

The Best Beach Experience

Goa has well over 25 magnificent beaches each with its own unique charm. Some beaches are famous for their full-of-life parties while some offer you a serene peaceful environment. North Goa possesses a multitude of enjoyable entertaining beaches like Baga, Calangute, Anjuna and Arambol. You can find tons of shacks buzzing with life that serve the best of Konkani cuisine along with an array of drinks and cocktails to choose from. South Goa is mellower with beaches like Colva, Palolem and Galgibaga that offer you an eternity of peace, calm and beauty.

Luxurious Hotel Stays

The sun kissed land of Goa offers delightful luxury hotel stays across several beaches. They add a touch of grandeur and complete satisfaction to your Goan expedition. You can choose to rent your own property or opt to stay in a hotel. If you are looking for that extravagance, there are several property rentals in Goa available to you. Situated in the heart of Goa, Amoravida takes pride in offering luxurious eco living and a timeless encounter with nature. Just a drive away from Goa’s best restaurants, beaches, supermarkets and culture centers, Amoravida has the perfect blend of nature and city-like activities.

Delectable Food

When it comes to food, Goa offers a vast palette of different cuisines from all corners of the world. Influenced by an exotic blend of sea, spices and foreign invaders- particularly the Portuguese, Goa has a unique food culture. It is impossible to find something that would not meet your taste. While Goa is a paradise for meat-lovers, it can even overwhelm vegetarians with flavorsome food options. The most popular drink, except beer, is port wine and spirits like Feni. If you’re looking to indulge in classic Goan cuisine, Konkani food is a south Indian delight. Goan dishes like Pork Vindaloo, Prawn Balchao and Sorpotel are relished around the world. Authentic food is one reason why tourists flock to the shimmering beach capital of the country.

Popular Music and Arts Festivals

Entertainment is Goa’s most glorious industry. You’re sure to find a number of different festivals taking place all over the state. From music to culture, Goa has it all. Goa is host to some of the world’s most popular music festivals with a line up of international music artists. Apart from music, Goa Carnival is held in February and is celebrated across the state. During the carnival tourist and locals indulge in feasting and merrymaking. The festive mood is also aggravated with continuous parades taking place on the streets. Most festivals start taking place in December and carry on till March. In season time, be sure to find something to occupy your time with.

Flea Markets – A Shopping Haven

Street shopping is a lifestyle in Goa. Junk jewelry, handcrafted art pieces, scarves, hammocks, or spices, flea markets in Goa can give you a wonderful shopping experience. These markets remain open from November to April and are at splendid display during Christmas and New Year. Some of the most popular markets are in beaches like Anjuna, Arpora, Mapusa and Calangute.

With just one trip to Goa, you can explore a deep-rooted culture influenced by the Portuguese since the 17th century and marveled by the local Goan people. The warmth in the air of Goa will excite as soon as you drive across the sparkling water and lush green coconut trees. The churches, bungalows and shacks will take you aback and uplift your senses. A holiday in Goa is no less than a luxury.