Many people are discovering that luxury serviced apartments in London offer a rewarding experience during short- or long-term stays. Tourists, business travellers, families and students all enjoy the many benefits of luxury serviced apartments.

Hotels present a variety of conveniences, but they also include many unwelcome inconveniences, particularly for those wishing for a longer stay. This can often lead to them not being the best choice for everybody or situation. If you are planning a trip to London and have not yet selected your accommodations, you may just want to check out what a luxury serviced apartment has to offer.

Indeed, there are many reasons to choose luxury serviced apartments, and here are five of the top reasons to help you decide if they are for you:

A Home Away from Home

Lodging in a hotel is basically all about convenience. Regrettably, because you have limited space and the inability to get really comfortable, you just won’t really feel like more than just another tourist. Luxury serviced apartments allow you to settle in and even get a feel of the neighbourhood in which you will be staying.


A mini bar, restaurant and room service in many cases are the entirety of the average hotel’s amenities. These amenities can ease the discomfort of your stay, but are hardly enough to make you feel truly comfortable.

All serviced apartments may not offer room service, but they do offer a wide arrange of incredible amenities. Check here, for more information. Most apartments feature kitchens, gyms, secure parking facilities and other delightful treats. Convenient locations in residential neighbourhoods will also provide you with easier access to parks, public transportation and London tourist spots.

Peace and Quiet

Most hotels can be a noisy experience. People staying in hotels are from all walks of life and are travelling for a number of reasons. Most good travellers are somewhat considerate, but there are always some who aren’t. They can be noisy even late at night, or set the TV volume just way too loud.

Unlike hotels, luxury serviced apartments are in most cases located in residential neighbourhoods, which tend to result in a much quieter and peaceful experience. This will make it much easier to work, entertain friends or family, read or watch TV without any interruptions.

Cooking your Own Meals

When travelling, you usually have to rely on restaurant foods and they are often a pleasurable treat, but always dining at restaurants for every meal is not only unpleasant but can also be unhealthy and expensive.

Luxury serviced apartments simply allow you to take care of your meals just as you like. A fully equipped kitchen makes preparing your meal so easy. Everything you will need to cook nutritious food is right there and all at hand.


To really appreciate the London experience, a luxury serviced apartment will easily offer a wide variety of benefits. Should you be staying in London for a day or even several days, you really should spend your time and do it in style! Luxury serviced apartments will definitely provide you with a richly rewarding experience. Enjoy!