Building your own home can be a dream come true, but it also can be very hard work. It takes a lot of commitment and know-how, therefore hiring the right people and doing what you can means it will be affordable and come out the way you want it. Building your own home means you can build it exactly how you want it, and this is a great advantage. Here is some advice for beginners thinking about building their own home.

Find the Right Plot

Finding a plot in an ideal area at a great price can feel like a nightmare, but do not give up before you have started. Asking local people, your family and friends to keep a look out for empty plots for sale may mean you find a rare deal you wouldn’t find anywhere else. If not, there are plenty of websites which show plots up for sale in your area.


This is one of the most important things and you must know your budget before you start. Not knowing your budget could mean you end up running out of cash. If you want extra funding, there are many brokers that now offer self-building mortgages as building your own home is becoming more and more popular.

Finding a Designer

Unless you are an architect or designer yourself, chances are you are going to need help in designing your new home. This allows dimensions to be made so builders know exactly what they are building, or if you are building it mostly yourself, you know the right scale in which to begin. You can design your own or check online for others who have designed their own home for inspiration.

Get Planning Permission

Getting planning permission at an early stage will prevent delays or any fines. Checking with your local council what you can build and to what sizes ensures you are following the rules and will not get caught up in a legal battle- not the best way to start your home design.

The Essentials

Before you begin building your own home, check you have all the essentials in place so you will not be delayed in the building stage which could end up costing more money. Ensure you have the appropriate consent to build on the lot, you own the deed before you begin building and you have your planning permission and any other special requirements you may need depending on which state you are in. You may want to buy your own self-build insurance to protect your finances if something goes wrong. One thing a lot of first time builders forget is something as simple as porta potty rental, unless you are good friends with your new neighbor’s, chances are you are going to need somewhere to go to the loo throughout the day!

If you follow these simple tips, the journey to building your own home can get off to a great start. Good luck in building your dream home!