Have you ever wondered if the house you were planning to buy was safe? Obviously, the simple “look” of the house cannot alone attest to the state and level of security of a property. One of the systems that worries homeowners the most and needs to be inspected with the utmost care is without a doubt the electrical system. This is complex and is used to carry electrical power from the Hydro pole to your different devices. Only a professional can install an electrical system, and only a professional can inspect such a system as well. Do not improvise, and do not think that you can inspect an electrical system without training.

When you’re thinking of buying a home, the pre-purchase inspection is an essential procedure that no sensible buyer can do without. This inspection covers a series of specific points and covers all the major components of the building, including the electrical system. Before buying a house, you do not have 2 inspections to do, since the pre-purchase inspection usually covers the electrical system as well as all other building systems. However, if you want to do a preventive or maintenance inspection, you can ask a building inspections company in Melbourne to perform only an inspection of the electrical system.

Have the home’s electrical system inspected: a procedure that could save your life!

Electrical disorders are the cause of fire in homes and are responsible for the death of several people each year in Melbourne. Poor connections, excessively worn wires, a faulty connection, or other unnoticed electrical trouble can have serious consequences for you and your family. That’s why an electric system inspection is not an option, but rather an obligation. You should see the pre-purchase inspection as an investment that can not only save you thousands of dollars, but potentially save lives as well.

Electricity is very useful for powering different appliances in a home, but it can be fatal if it is not safely transported. Just as with inspection of the roof and inspection of the exterior cladding, never take chances and always have the electrical system inspected by a professional building inspections company in Perth. The few dollars spent will be well worth it.

Inspection of the electrical system is not at all child’s play!

Inspecting an electrical system is not something that everyone can do on a Sunday afternoon. An electrical system, whether it’s the electrical boxes, the switches or any other part of the system, these can be dangerous to handle for someone who has never been trained.

Electrocution is a real danger for the novice who thinks he can manipulate an electrical system. Only a professional should check an electrical system because he knows how it works and what to look at. By deciding to do it yourself, you may put your life at risk and the lives of your loved ones at risk as well. Always give a building inspector the mandate to inspect the electrical system in your home.

The complete list of points that a building inspector will check

Although the pre-purchase inspection of the electrical system is exhaustive, it does not serve to determine whether the electrical installations comply with the building code. As the inspector cannot open the walls, the inspector conducts an exhaustive visual inspection of the electrical systems and ensures that everything is in order. In order to come up with recommendations, the certified building inspector must analyse several specific points. Here is the complete list of items that a home inspector will check on a home’s electrical system:

  • General condition of the electrical panel
  • Verification that the panel is at least 100 amperes
  • Indication of the power of the electrical panel
  • Proper functioning of breakers protecting breakers and overloads
  • Checking the correct operation of switches, sockets and lighting systems
  • Correct connection in the power outlets
  • Proper earthing connections (those threatened by humidity: bathroom, kitchen, exterior, garage, etc.)

As you can see, inspecting a home’s electrical system is much more complex than just looking at all the switches and seeing if the electrical panel is clean. Do not make the mistake of thinking that you can handle it. Instead, invest a few hundred dollars and make sure you have peace of mind.