Besides building a nice house, the type of roof you use on your building is very important. Ideally, the best roof should look great, match the architecture of the building and be strong enough to withstand storms and other extreme weather conditions. Furthermore, there has to be a perfect blend between beauty and functionality. Fortunately, there are various renowned roofing contractors who offer a wide range of roofing solutions to clients with different roofing needs.

Roofing Solutions in White Rock

If you are in the city of White Rock, in Canada, you can find various roofing companies that offer different roofing solutions that are made using premium quality materials. They provide different roofing styles that can withstand moisture and harsh climatic conditions that are associated with White Rock and surrounding areas. Besides installing new roofing, these contractors can also repair and even maintain it, ensuring that your building remains beautifully protected for many years to come. Some of their roofing solutions include:

  1. Cedar Roofing Installation

Considering that people invest a lot in their homes and businesses, it only makes sense to protect such investment right from the foundation up to the roof. Some of the best roofing contractors offer beautiful and sturdy shingles to match different looks. Since cedar is renowned for its charming appearance, strength and durability, it is a very popular roofing material. It is also eco-friendly, energy efficient and can withstand hail, storm and strong winds (up to 130mph). The contractors normally use different types of cedar that are effectively treated to keep mould, insects and wood rot at bay.

  1. Fiberglass Roofing

The roofing specialists also install fiberglass roofs, which are revered for their versatility, durability and affordability. The material is also tough, weather-proof, lightweight and extremely easy to install. This is a cost-effective roofing option that will add value to the building, while offering optimal durability. The four main fiberglass roofing options that are offered include; Certain Teed, Malarkey, GAF and IKO. Moreover, the fiberglass roofs normally come in an array of colours to choose from.

  1. Torch-On Membrane Roofing

The torch-on roofing membrane is mainly used in new construction jobs, as well as re-roofing applications over nail-able deck types, such as plywood. Some of the most common torch-on roofing membranes include:

  1. Fibreglass base sheet: Which is the first layer that is normally nailed on the deck with the help of special nails with large washer-like heads?
  2. Torch-on base sheet: This forms the second layer that is normally torched down to the fiberglass base sheet.

III. Torch-on cap sheet: Coming with a granular surfacing to offer protection against UV-light, this sheet is the third layer that is basically torched-down to the second layer or torch-on base sheet.

A good roofing contractor in White Rock can also install birdhouse vents, plumbing stacks, roof drains, scupper drains, B-vent flashing, as well as metal flashings. Some of the best roofing companies have experienced roofing specialists who can handle just about any roofing project to the client’s satisfaction. Whether you are looking for a specialized roofing contractor in White Rock who can install cedar roofs, fiberglass roofs, or torch-on roofing membranes, these companies can help.