Space is always something that we never have enough of and in the UK, due to the population rise and the need for more homes, space is becoming a premium item that few can afford. However, a number of homes in the UK are blessed with large gardens and it is this extra space that can make a real difference in you and your family’s lives. Typically, if you want to build an extension, you need planning permission and it costs a lot to put it all into action.

However, there is a cheaper and better option and it is bespoke garden rooms in Barnsley. As long as you keep this room within certain heights and boundaries, you are free to put one in your garden and you don’t need planning permission. Here are some benefits of garden rooms.

  1. You get additional living space at a premium price and it takes a short time to construct the room. Two weeks is typical and when you compare that to months with a house extension, you are making the right decision.
  2. It is so much cheaper to create a room like this and if your elder parent is living with you, this is drastically cheaper than putting them up in a care home that costs thousands every year.
  3. There are a number of designs to suit all tastes and pockets and you can even have under floor heating installed if you so desire.

If you have extra space, and you want an extra room, then bespoke garden rooms are just right for you.