The benefits of park home living have already enticed 250,000 Brits to make the decision to purchase a park home.

Yet what is it about these timber-built chalet-style homes situated in residential parks that have made them such a popular way of living?

Well, in fact, there are a number of advantages to park home living making it preferable for people wanting to enjoy a comfortable and affordable way of life.

So let’s take a look at some of the reasons as to why purchasing your very own park home could be an attractive prospect.


For those who are perhaps approaching retirement and considering downsizing to a more manageable-sized home, park homes offer great value for money.

Constructed using timber frames built on steel chassis’, these homes could save you quite a bit of money in comparison to a traditional brick-built home.

Not only is the fact that they are reasonably priced a big draw for people, yet for those who are approaching retirement, park homes also have the advantage of being able to release sizeable amounts of equity from a former property.


Another great reason as to why park home living is so popular is because the homes and parks on which they’re located are considered to be extremely safe and secure.

As access is only usually given to the park residents, for example in the form of key fobs, this helps to ensure that only those living on the park can access it.

In an article published on the Mail Online, the owner of several park homes from Surrey to Derbyshire discusses how secure and private park homes are, “there’s a real community atmosphere. In our parks you can leave your door open. There is a friendliness about them.”

Friendly and sociable environment

The strong sense of community spirit and opportunities to socialise with other residents who are similar in age is just another of the attractions to park home living.

A couple who moved from their property in Essex to a park home in East Sussex comment upon how friendly residential parks are, not to mention the opportunities to join in with social activities organised on the park’s site.

In a BBC News article, Myra was quoted saying “we’ve always gone out a lot socially, we know practically everyone here…you never need to be lonely.”


When looking to downsize into a smaller home, it’s important to be able to retain all of your independence which you used to enjoy in your previous property, but in a home which is more suitably sized.

The great thing about park homes is that they are very conveniently sized to be manageable yet practical. The homes can also be purchased with contemporary and functional furnishings already fitted as mentioned in LifesureGroup’s blog discussing the benefits of owning a park home.

Ultimately, this helps to ensure that your park home is well-designed to accommodate for both comfort and stunning interior style.

Stunning locations

When looking to downsize into a park home, this gives you the perfect opportunity to consider relocating to a new area.

According to Sell My Park Home, with a wide range of residential park homes available up and down the country, this really gives you a fantastic choice of locations to consider settling down in.

Also, as many of these areas are located in quieter and more picturesque regions, this is a great opportunity to be able to enjoy a more relaxing environment surrounded by stunning scenery. Head to their park site map to see the diverse variety of park home locations available.

As you can hopefully see, there are many benefits that you can enjoy by living in a park home. So if the opportunity to enjoy comfortable, affordable, convenient and scenic living appeals to you, then perhaps residential park home living could be perfect for you.