A cosy garden home can be a great addition to your backyard and provide you with a place to escape from the busy and stressful world. You can use your cabin as a place to read, relax, take a nap, and simply enjoy the peace and quiet. It can be your special place where you can unwind and unplug from all the screen time that you endure throughout the day.

If you are thinking about purchasing a new living space, you should consider the modernised luxury of the small and comfortable log cabins. The modern times and stress from our jobs, finances, and personal lives can often cause us to long for the days of our ancestors. We want to escape to a place where we can think clearly away from the noise and distractions out in the middle of nature.

The Allure of Log Garden Homes and Cabins

Many people who live in European countries, especially those in Scandinavia, live in wooden houses. In Norway, it is now becoming popular to have wooden kindergartens. Instead of being viewed as ancient, they are elegant and luxurious structures that provide peace and comfort.

The Design of a Small Log Cabin

Even though simplicity is the key to designing a log cabin, you can still add a few modern touches to make the structure your own. It can be designed using some modern amenities such as high-quality windows, a strong and durable roof, indoor plumbing, and a heating system. It may sound like an expensive task once you start planning what you want to include in the cabin, even if it is a small structure. However, the actual construction of the cabin is not any more expensive than any other type of garden home. One good thing about the building process is that a log cabin doesn’t take as long as other structures.

There Is No Need for an Additional Heat Source

You don’t have to include a fancy heating system in your log cabin if you don’t want to. The timber that the home is built from will provide you with ample insulation if the timber has been dried and well processed. It can help keep you warm even during the coldest winter periods. Timber walls can accumulate warmth and evenly distribute it all throughout the home. Another great advantage to a timber cabin is that they warm up fast and it takes a long time for them to cool down.

Designed to Last a Long Time

Your timber garden home is designed to last for a long time. If it is well-maintained over the years, it is possible to use this structure for as long as 150 to 200 years. The actual process of looking over the home can be more simple than taking care of a brick home. Logs will naturally be affected by sunlight, rain, and changes in temperature. Therefore, every two to three years, you should repaint the log walls from the outside while the interior walls should be painted once every ten