When you build a home, you would always want to make it look magnificent and unique. And what makes it unique and different is a beautiful fencing. When you opt for fencing your prized property, you need the appearance to be specifically different from your neighborhood.

Well, in the market, there are so many options available including wood, vinyl, and aluminum. You can choose any. However, it is advisable to not stick to cedar fencing. The explanation is given below!!

About Cedar

Cedar is a wood obtained from conifer trees that are basically soft in nature. This wood is often used up for fencing houses. The wood of cedar is very light in color and has a sweet fragrance. As it is one of the cheapest options for fencing, most of the house owners choose it as a vibrant option which is not right.

Why is cedar not a good choice for fencing?

  • Too easy to rot: Cedar might seem a good option but it is actually not. During the rainy season, it remains submerged in water and rots. This is one of the reasons why you should avoid using cedar.
  • Not all variations are good: Another reason behind discarding cedar is being available in different variations. A week-old cedar is strong and good to go, whereas, others are not. Eventually, you cannot suspect and hence, could fall a prey of the situation that is not good for future fencing.
  • Heavy maintenance required: As it is wood, it requires maintenance against rain, etc. You every time require investing in sealant and proofing that is not economical.

There are several other reasons why you should avoid using cedar as a raw material for fencing. Northland Fence shall guide you through all the drawbacks of this material and help you opt for better alternatives.