Packing everything up and moving large items are huge tasks, taking not just time and energy, but lots of organisation too.

Advice and assistance

If you’ve ever moved house before, you’ll have an idea of the degree of work involved in getting everything ready for transport.
But it’s not as simple as just slinging everything into the nearest box; lots of thought needs to go into what items should be packed together and how they will be protected.


Furniture isn’t designed to be humped around from one house to another so it can be difficult to squeeze the bulky frames through doorways and up stairs. If you aren’t as strong as you hoped, or the furniture is particularly bulky, you might find yourself doing damage to your items and potentially hurting yourself too.

By using a reputable and legitimate removal service you will hopefully be able to avoid any damages because the removal workers will be very experienced in moving goods. However, if there are any breakages or damage caused, you will be fully insured and able to claim compensation.


You may have a friend or family member who may offer to help out with transporting your goods but you need to be absolutely certain that when the time comes to move, you will have arrangements in place that you can trust.

When you book either a man and van hire or a removals company, you know that you can rely on them being there on the date you’re moving, and that you’re guaranteed to have a professional service.

Getting settled in

It’s not until you start packing that you’ll realise just how much you have accumulated but getting your belongings to your new abode or office is only half the job; after you’ve arrived you need to unpack too.

A good removals company will also make sure that the right boxes end up in the right rooms at your new place, they won’t simply dump them in the first available space. This will make unpacking much easier, and reduce the amount of bending and lifting you have to do.

A surprising difference

Make the right choice and you’ll be surprised at the difference a good firm can make.