Despite unprecedented economic difficulties, the housing market saw its highest sales in over a decade. Realtors have a real opportunity to capitalize on these upward trends.

Learning about real estate is just the beginning. All realtors must understand the fundamentals of business, especially marketing. Even if you’re part of a real estate team, you still have to brand and promote your services.

The more deals you close, the more time you have to rack up those sales.

Realize your potential with these effective realtor secrets!

Video Tours

Step into the shoes of potential buyers. Think about the time and resources it takes to find homes.

Make the process easier for buyers by including video tours on your listings!

Listings are essential, but not every buyer has time to drive around neighborhoods all day.

Data shows more buyers rely on the internet to find homes; therefore, they’re looking at fewer homes in-person. A high-quality video tour can make all the difference.

Beyond this this CRMLS listing method, you can recirculate your video tours on your website, Instagram, and Facebook account. They’re also ideal for Facebook PPC advertising and sponsored posts.

Print Marketing Still Works

Don’t listen to the critics. Traditional marketing isn’t dead, especially print marketing.

Print marketing is vital for realtor brand awareness and community building. Successful realtors use branded stationery, printed mugs, fridge magnets, calendars, and pens to get their brand in the homes of future sellers.

That 5-year old branded pen in the junk drawer could lead to a future sale!

Be strategic with your print marketing campaigns. Mail out merchandise during the holidays and right before peak buying and selling seasons.

The Realtor Secrets of Scent Marketing

How do odors affect your experiences? Does strong perfume turn you off from eating in a restaurant? Do pungent garlic smells distract you from making a decision?

If certain smells negatively impact your experience, imagine how buyers and sellers feel when they get a whiff of the wrong scent. This type of psychological impact is heavily at play in real estate. This type of psychological impact is heavily at play in real estate.

Musty, moldy, and unpleasant smells can turn off buyers. Certain kitchen smells, like raw fish and red meat, are also a problem.

Scents matter, but you can harness their influence by filling homes with pleasant, positive odors.

Many realtors swear by baking smells during open houses. Suggest that the owner bake a pie or light a few apple pie candles from Bath and Body Works. You can also use sugar cookie candles, blueberry cobbler candles, and more delicious scents.

Lemon-fresh laundry scents also work. Fresh-cut grass, spring scents, and light plant scents are great, but try to avoid chemical cleaner scenes. All-purpose cleaner smells can be a little off-putting.

Become a Rockstar Realtor

Don’t wait to cash in on the recent real estate boom. Follow these realtor secrets toward success in 2021!

These tips are just the first step in your career. Bookmark the blog to stay updated on the latest tips and tricks in your field.