You are likely to have come across the use of rebar and rebar tie wire when you are carrying out extension builds, making concrete garden features or strengthening bases, or even putting in a retaining wall. And, for those who have taken on self-builds, you will likely have used them too. But are there other roles steel reinforcement products could have when it comes to home design?

Normally, rebar is hidden away in concrete working well to assist with reinforcing, but leaving it exposed to the elements where it starts to rust as the months pass can give you an imaginative industrial edge to your garden.  Used indoors you can employ rebar as both a creative or functional element, and this can really add industrial impact to the style of a property. Here, we take a look at some innovative roles when it comes to rebar décor that this handy steel reinforcement product could bring to a property.

Stair rails and balustrades

If you want a modern twist to a staircase balustrade, why not combine rebar rods with a classic wooden handrail.  You can even carry the look through to your garden to edge decking or a feature in a large flower bed. Suited to both rustic and contemporary indoor and outdoor spaces, you will certainly have a stunning hardwearing practical addition to your home.

Gates and Arbours

Another great idea to carry the look further is to use rebar to create a custom gate. While you will need to add a good clear coat sealant to stop the transfer of rust onto hands and clothing though, don’t let this deter you as, done correctly, this can be a stunning feature.  Rebar bends easily, so you can be incredibly creative with your designs.   An arbor can be built relatively cheaply from rebar, using tie wire to create the perfect feature to support vines or decorative climbers.

Exposed Features

Another trend is to leave some of your wall rebar support exposed, making a feature of something that is generally hidden.  This looks great both inside and outside of a property, adding some industrial appeal to a variety of properties.

Standalone Art

If you have what could perhaps be described as a concrete jungle of a garden, with concrete walls and garden planters, instead of changing it why not go further and add some rebar art?  Sink single rebar rods into your borders, or in a gravel area, perfect to mimic industrial Asian themes or perhaps add indoors in your warehouse conversion.

Bottle Screens

Why not create your own take on a bottle tree? Legend has it that they capture evil spirits. Whether true or not, they can certainly add a stunning and interesting feature to any garden and for some spaces, they may look equally at home indoors. This modern version of a bottle tree creates a fascinating privacy screen.  Start by creating a box frame, wood works well for this, and place rebar pieces vertically into it. Make a small hole in the bottom of a selection of bottles and thread them randomly onto the rebar lengths. You then have a unique screen or decking edge that will keep visitors talking. 

The Only Limit Is Your Imagination

From a stunning focal point in a grand modern hallway, a unique shelf bracket in student accommodation or bedroom, or using bent and twisted rebar to hold planters there are so many creations that could see you find a use for your leftover steel reinforcement.  Take a look at some of these simple rebar decorative ideas here.