For many homeowners, bifold is the only choice when it comes to choosing doors. If you ask these fans of this door design, they will tell you there are many benefits whether the doors are for an opening to your walk-in closet or provide access from the interior of your home to a deck or outside living space. At some point in the past, it was common to have doors made only of wood but that has changed significantly in recent years.

Some of the leading suppliers of these doors now offer a range of materials including timber, aluminium, and composite with high-quality glazing as part of the package if you so choose. When these beautiful products are installed in the right location, they can become a focal point of your home and a design element that provides a base for all the other décor.


In many cases, bifold doors are a cost-effective option when compared to other types of doors. In addition, there’s no doubt that they can provide the atmosphere you’re looking for when adding an extension to your home, for example. With the right choice of glass and materials, you can create the bright open feel that you desire and still have all the security you need.

This design tends to save you a lot of space, especially if your other option was a traditional door that swings on a hinge. Bifold is a great choice when you have to take confined space into consideration and is an excellent option for those larger openings from an inside room to the patio, deck, or pool area. Homeowners who have opted for these doors have found them to be a great investment in addition to transforming the area where they’re used.

When combined with quality glazing, they can provide protection from the elements while still allowing more than adequate light into the room. When open, they fold back smoothly to create a larger space from what was two separate areas. Some property owners have stated they couldn’t imagine using any other design or style for the part of the home the doors were installed in.

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You may want to start your search for the perfect doors by visiting the website of one of the leaders in the field. When you work with these specialists, you have access to the first bifold design to receive the respected Secured by Design award. This indicates British Police accreditation for commercial and residential security products. So, not only do you have the beauty and convenience of great doors, but your family and property receive unmatched protection.

Once you’ve had the opportunity to browse the site and visit the extensive gallery showing quality installations, you may want to call to talk to a representative about your specific door needs and design ideas. They’ll be happy to discuss the range of products that now includes bespoke glazing solutions, original timber doors (softwood, hardwood, oak), and aluminium doors and windows.

If you have an architect or designer that you’d like them to work with, they’ll be more than happy to do this as well. For the finest in doors and installations, choose the best.