There are businesses of every type spread across Oshkosh commercial real estate and the type of business that you are starting or relocating will require a property that suits your business requirements. There are listings of existing buildings, turnkey businesses, and raw land for development in this ‘city on the water’.

What is your Business?

The type of business you operate is a big determiner of where you need Oshkosh commercial real estate. A specialty area outside of residential real estate business property listings is offered by Realtors® who specialize in the business of your business. They often know of businesses that may not be openly on the market but are for sale. They also understand the requirements that a small café need compared to a commercial/industrial facility.

Location, of Course

You can have the best new concept in the world but if you have it located in the wrong location, you are setting yourself up for failure before you ever begin. Marketers use demographic information to determine where to locate businesses for branded business and you should, too. Whether you learn this skill yourself or get help, from a professional it should be a determiner in the location of your business. New or old the location of your business matters.

Do you need help?

Buying a turnkey business or starting one from scratch requires jumping through many hoops and it is good to have someone along for the ride that understands exactly what is going on. By enlisting the assistance of a Commercial Realtor® your Accountant and Attorney, and the local Chamber of Commerce you will be able to get professional support before you open your doors that can be beneficial to your business.

Property Availability

There are many existing buildings, raw land and active buildings for sale in Oshkosh. Do you want to own a barbershop or florist? These are two of the lower cost properties for purchase in the city and for investors; there are buildings that are suitable for rental to professionals or for development. Raw land offers a clean slate when starting a business and both retail type lots and commercial/industrial lots are available for new business development.

Will you Need Financing?

If you do not have enough cash that is readily available you may need to finance the purchase of business. Just like when buying a residential property, purchasing commercial property requires good credit and a money source. Some business owners offer owner financing, which may be a viable way for you to get started.

It is a Business Decision

For those who buy and sell land on a regular basis, this would be just another deal but for those who are pouring life savings into a dream, caution is highly suggested. Educate yourself on the pratfalls of commercial property and use every available resource that you have available.