Once you’ve moved to your new location, your house removals team has left and the movers have all your moving boxes in their separate rooms ready to unpack, designate a weekend to finish and get everything in its proper place. Schedule your packers to come in early on Saturday to start unboxing the mountain of boxes that are cluttering your household. Your bathrooms should already have toiletries and be ready for use. If not, that is the first thing to make sure that they are ready for heavy use during your weekend of unpacking.

When scheduling a packing crew to unpack your household goods ask for a team large enough to unbox all of your items in your scheduled time. Estimate 3 men in one hour will be able to unpack 450 kilograms. Another way to estimate is to say they can empty 560 litres per hour.

The heaviest unpacking will be in the kitchen and dining area, so start the best Packers in those two rooms. The plates, cups, bowls, saucers, glasses, and silverware will be unwrapped and placed in the proper cabinets and drawers. You will only need to get them started by assigning locations for each different type item. Some items will be displayed in China Cabinets while others may be hung or displayed on mantles.

Depending on the size of your packing crew, they can be assigned to different rooms. One crew may be in charge of bedrooms while another small team might be in charge of the living room and family room. These packers will unbox picture boxes containing paintings and other wall hangings. Another pair will go to outdoor areas like a garage, a barn, or tool shed. All the unpacking is critical. The owner of all the packed merchandise should move from one area to another to answer questions about which item should go where in each space.

If you have a family, thought, your unpacking should start with the kids’ room. Your kids have already had enough of changes during the house relocation, so save them some stress and unpack their rooms first so that they can start adjusting to the new place. Start that as soon as their removal boxes are out of the moving van and let them play about an relax while you are dealing with the rest of the boxes.

Let the crew go home as they normally would, and have them come back on Sunday. These house removals teams work by the hour and if not needed on Sunday, let them have the day off. Unpacking in your scheduled weekend has completed. Or do it yourself. It’s all up to you, simply try to fit everything in the three days.