Although renting an apartment for personal requirements is fairly easy in Cayman, you will need to exercise a certain level of discretion and carefulness while you go about your search. Let us go through some valuable information provided in this article so that you can choose one of the Cayman Apartments on rent without any hassles:

Finding a rental apartment in Cayman is not as complex as you think

The basics:

It is comparatively easy to go for Grand Cayman apartment rentals from an agent who specializes in rental homes and apartments. Many landlords find it easy to rent out apartments through an agent for better property management. At the same time, it is typical for potential tenants to utilize an agent specializing in rentals. Besides, it is a good idea to look up newspapers like the Cayman Compass and websites such as Nevertheless, it is a good idea to hire an agent, who will do all the legwork and drive you around to look at various options.

Be realistic about the prices:

While in Cayman, you need to be realistic about the prices. Since rent here is not cheap, you might need to relinquish an extra bedroom or a more expensive waterfront or beach front home or apartment, so that you can stay within your estimated budget.  At the same time, the location of the property is also important. Prefer that the property under consideration is close to your office and other amenities such as shops, schools, and supermarkets to save you time and money.

Does a smaller unit accommodate your needs?

It may not be essential to go in for a large house if a smaller unit accommodates your needs.  You might not want so many bedrooms to start with. Alternatively, if you stay with a family, you might require an additional room to accommodate guests. Additionally, many landlords require a security deposit so that they can hold the unit for you. This often equals one month’s rent.

Choose a child friendly apartment that has large playing areas

What kind of accommodation I should go for

Many types of accommodation are available in Cayman to choose from. These include family homes, apartments, condos, and apartments that are created from other larger houses.  You could look for two or three bedroom condos especially if you are singles living together or have a small family. On the contrary, larger houses are less easy to find and command more rent.

Due to the combination of the existing housing infrastructure here and the outlook of the landlords, it is difficult to find a condo or an apartment that is exclusively devoted to rental accommodation.  Since realtors will have long term and established relationships with condo corporations, they will know what to offer to you. In most cases, you will be required to put down a security deposit in the form of cash. Cheques are also acceptable, but usually not from banks outside the Cayman Islands.

What about start-up costs?

There are a few start-up costs associated with renting a property or apartment in Cayman.  These include a deposit for utilities such as water, electricity, and telephone. Maintenance costs are usually borne by the landlord and these include costs associated with garbage collection, servicing of air-conditioning systems, and taking care of the unit’s garden and pool. It is the tenant’s responsibility to insure personal belongings.

The final bits

While most units come fully furnished, a few may be partially furnished. It is in the best of your interests to look at an inventory of items that are provided with the unit or else you might have to pay for things that you did not damage or be prepared to submit anything that is missing.

Also, in case you are moving in with a family then it is advisable to choose a child friendly apartment that has large playing areas outside and trees as well.  Finally, some owners prefer pets along with an additional security deposit while others don’t. Some landlords do not rent to smokers or sharers.  Hopefully, your search for rental accommodation in Cayman should produce good results.  Good Luck!