Carpets typically fall under the heading of low maintenance flooring, but a stubborn stain might have you questioning the label. Grease, grass, wine, and other tough stains can take hours to get out of your carpet, unless you know a few simple cleaning tips to help.

Pre-Treat Quickly

For any and all spills or stains, the most important thing to remember is that an immediate pre-treatment can go a long way toward lifting stains. The longer you wait to take care of the spill, the more likely it is that you will need professional carpet cleaning. Any time a spill happens, take a moment to treat the area with the right cleaning products. Always test your cleaning products on a scrap piece of carpet first. This can help prevent any color loss or damage from cleaning.

Getting out Grease

One of the most stubborn stains out there is grease. It gets into carpet fibers and hangs on, creating off-colored spots. Grease can travel in on the bottom of shoes, spill from the stove or travel through the air as you cook. Taking care of a grease stain is no problem, as long as you immediately treat the area with rubbing alcohol. The alcohol loosens the grease and cuts through the stain.

Cutting Through Grass Stains

Grass stains are tough to get out of fabric, but a bit of persistence can help with your carpet. Start by applying a carpet stain treatment to the area. Grab your scrub brush and apply some elbow grease. The scrubbing action and the stain remover should get rid of most of the problem. If you have any remaining staining, diluted white vinegar can help fade any remaining color.

Relax with a Glass of Wine

A spilled glass of wine can leave your carpet with a major stain. The second your glass tips, reach for the salt. Throw salt over the stain and let it start soaking up the problem. The salt will turn pink, and your carpet should start to return to normal. If that doesn’t take out the entire stain, try using some club soda to loosen up the rest.

Keep a Professional Service on Speed Dial

You may not always be home to tackle stains as they happen. Pets and children rarely know the right way to clean up a carpet accident. When something happens and a spot treatment doesn’t get out the grime, call in a professional cleaning service. A combination of chemicals and steam cleaning can help get out the toughest stains.