Are you considering a move to the Big Apple? Have you been wondering to yourself, “What is it like to live in New York City?”

Making a move to a new place, especially one that’s well-known for being expensive and difficult to merge into, is scary! It’s important to do your research (just like you’re doing now!).

We want to give you an idea of what life in New York City looks like so you’re prepared when you finally take the leap. Keep reading to learn a basic guide of what it’s like to live in New York City.

You’re Never Far From Good Food

NYC has two things going for it when it comes to food: competition and cultural diversity.

You’ll never see a wider range of food options than you will in New York City. You’ll never be far from a good diner, sushi place, bar, or pizza joint. Takeout meals are always an option and your biggest problem will be deciding what to eat.

Don’t Bother With Cars

Anyone who’s ever lived in a major metro knows that sometimes cars are more of a hindrance than a help. When you’re moving to NYC, leave your car behind.

Parking can set you back hundreds (if not more) per month. Many apartments and rental homes don’t have parking areas, and even if you do have a parking space, traffic can be unbearable.

Instead, plan on relying on the various rideshares and public transportation options to get you from point A to point B. You’ll thank us later.

Housing Is Competitive

It’s no secret that living in New York City isn’t cheap, but if you have the funds it’s a great place to live.

There are apartments for all lifestyles and budgets but you need to be quick to get the space that you want! Remember, there is a huge population in New York and you’re competing with all of them.

Check out this site to see if you can find your next New York City home.

Times Square Is Overrated

When you see New York City on the television you probably see Times Square front-and-center, right?

Don’t be fooled, locals know to avoid that central hub. It’s crowded, a feeding ground for scammers and pickpocketers, and it’s impossible to get where you’re going in a timely fashion.

Leave Times Square to the tourists after your first visit. You’ll be happier that way.

Bonus tip: Don’t even think about Times Square on New Year’s Eve.

You’ll Struggle, But Love It

Living in New York is hard. It’s expensive, stressful, and a rat race to the top of every industry.

That said, there’s a reason that so many people choose to live there. It’s a city of opportunity with incredible amounts of character. There’s so much to see and so many people to meet.

Let yourself struggle, but learn to love the city along the way.

So What Is It Like to Live In New York City?

If you’ve been wondering “what is it like to live in New York City?” you can’t know until you get there and see for yourself. These insights are only the first step.

Book your trip to NYC today and start your next adventure.

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