The period of moving is a time filled with excitement and anxiety, and often people moving home forget that they may have to wait longer than they have envisaged, while the loads of stuff are transferred to their new homes in several drives. Modern people stock a lot of items, not only books and clothes, but people who are seasoned travellers keep a lot of memorabilia, souvenirs, and those who are collectors of coins, dolls, etc. have their abundant collections.

Then people should rely on their indispensables kits to have all items they need handy at any time. What should come into these kits is decided by the members of the household relocating, but the very name indicates they will stock much needed items that cannot be dispensed with. Important documents, papers, laptops, as well as medications that are regularly needed should be kept in a bag or a box to be in a convenient place and always ready to be used if the need arises. Documents are often needed in the course of moving, such as means of identification, documents related to the old and the new property, and depending on their jobs people may need other documents to help them proceed with their work engagements parallel to the relocation tasks; that is especially important for freelancers for example.

If the period of moving household items takes longer, people may also need a change of clothes for each person of the family. In hot weather having some spare clothes to change in is especially needed, and if it suddenly turns colder regardless of the season, a cardigan or a sweater will be a welcome item of clothing to bring comfort.

For coffee aficionados, having their coffee maker with them, together with enough capsules or coffee beans, is also high on their lists. An electric jug is a must for both coffee and tea lovers to provide hot water for a quick cup of instant coffee or for restorative tea for everyone.

There are also other items that people can choose to include in their indispensables kits, depending on their occupations, hobbies, etc.