It is not uncommon for a drain in a home to become clogged or slow on occasion but this should not happen with regularity. The drains in your home are a critical part of daily life because they clear the property of household waste from the water produced when washing dishes to what is flushed down the toilet. However, many homeowners do not remember to think about their drains until after they experience problems.

Due to the importance of your drains, it is a great idea to have a professional perform drain cleaning once annually to catch any clogs before they become a problem. If problems occur between these visits, have an expert arrive quickly to repair these issues before they cause a more serious problem such as a sewage backup. Knowing what signs indicate a problem should make it much easier to call for help on time and to keep your costs low by avoiding a more serious issue.


A drain that is clogged will not allow water and other liquids to pass through it at all, leaving wastewater to collect in your sinks or bathtub and potentially cause serious problems. The water left in the sink or tub is not clean and it can develop unpleasant odours and other health risks if left to fester. In addition, a clog can cause serious issues throughout your entire home, especially if it is located deep into the piping system.

However, drainage services in Chelmsford will help you quickly and effectively find the source of the clog and treat it using modern tools and methods. This can help to avoid further damage to your plumbing and it could result in the service provider finding a serious fault in your system that caused the clog in the first place. Having a professional there will significantly reduce the chance of a more serious issue later on and help you address your current problem head-on at a lower price.


Drains that are about to clog or that perhaps have only a partial clog will begin to drain slowly. This is more commonly an issue with kitchen sinks and bathtubs where food particles and shed hairs can collect in solid masses just below the entrance of the drain. Having clearing services performed will remove these obstructions and make it possible for your drains to work properly again before you experience a full blockage.

Overflowing Toilets

One of the most obvious signs of a serious problem is if you flush your toilet only to see the water come back up and over the rim of the bowl. This is a sure sign that you have a serious blockage somewhere in the system and will need to have it removed before too much damage is done to the piping. Too much waste or even small objects such as tissues that do not readily dissolve can form a clog deeper in the line and require a plumber to remove them safely.


If you smell an unpleasant odour when you walk into your bathroom and it is likely coming from the toilet, this is a strong indication that your drain is clogged by waste. It could also indicate that your septic tank is backing up and in need of fast cleaning and repair before you find your bathroom filled with wastewater and worse. A professional can help to remove this without trouble and for a low price.