Planning a family vacation is almost as much fun as being on vacation with your family. It’s fun to choose the best place to stay, the most enjoyable activities, and to daydream about all the fun you’re going to have when you arrive. A trip to Jamaica allows your family the chance to experience beautiful beaches, waterfalls, and activities, and booking a vacation villa with can help your family relax and enjoy every moment of your time together. A villa offers many benefits you might not already realize.

More Space for Your Family

The biggest benefit of a private villa is the space you have on vacation. A luxury resort is a great place to stay, but it’s not as spacious if you have a large family. With a villa, you get to choose the number of bedrooms and bathrooms you need as well as approximately how much square-footage works for your family. It’s better to place a family of six in a 4-bedroom villa than squeezing them into one or two average-size hotel rooms for a week. With private bedrooms and bathrooms, your family will enjoy vacation a lot more with the additional space. Vacation sounds like less fun when you’re attempting to share one bathroom with four or five other people in a hotel room.

A Private Kitchen

Another perk to booking a private villa is the kitchen situation. In a hotel, you can order room service or go to a restaurant to eat, but that’s not always what you want to do. Some families prefer a kitchen in which to make their own coffee and snacks, or to create big family dinners or breakfasts on vacation. If you have small kids, a private kitchen allows you to keep all their favorite items on hand and ready at a moment’s notice to prevent hunger from changing their behavior.

A private kitchen means less stress on vacation. If you want to go out to eat, you can. However, if your kids didn’t get a nap one day, you can avoid the stress of wondering if they’ll make it through a meal without a meltdown by cooking at home. It’s a beneficial option to have.

A Private Pool

When you book a hotel room, you get a pool. When you book a villa, you get a private pool. You’re not sharing it with strangers, your kids are always right where you can see them, and you aren’t far from the bathroom or the kitchen. One more perk of a private pool for families is the ability to put smaller kids down for a nap or even to bed at night and know they’re only feet away from you while you’re still enjoying your pool time.

Booking a private villa in Jamaica is a win-win situation for many families because it makes vacation less stressful. If you’ve never considered it before, it’s time to look at what you can gain by renting this type of villa. You get all the upgrades and luxuries of a high-end resort, but you also get the peace of mind that comes with having a lot of space with your kids.