Decks come in single and multiple levels and can be built elevated or at ground level depending on the property and the needs of the homeowner. Elevated decks offer many advantages. Consider these four advantages when deciding which option is best for you.


Elevated decking can allow you to place the entrance to your deck in front of the second story of your home or allow you to work around terrain that would be difficult to place a ground level deck on. Elevated decks can be made out of many different types of materials, such as modular decking components, which can help you customize the deck to meet your specific needs. Elevated decks can also be ideal for ranch or split-level homes which may have the living area on the second floor.


Storage is often at a premium for homeowners. An elevated deck provides ample storage underneath for items such as grills, gardening tools, bicycles and sporting equipment. You can enclose the area under your deck to provide added protection from the elements.

Avoid Leveling

If the ground you are building your deck on is uneven, you can avoid having to pay to have the ground leveled by building an elevated deck. With an elevated deck, the supports for the deck can be adjusted to work with the slope of the land.

Visual Appeal

An elevated deck can have more eye appeal than a ground-level deck, particularly if you incorporate multiple levels of decking. Additionally, elevated decks can provide a better view of your landscape, so if you have a nice yard, you can show it off with an elevated deck.

Elevated decks are a flexible, aesthetically pleasing option that offers many benefits, such as added storage. If these benefits sound like a good fit for you, consider adding an elevated deck to your home.