You have come home from a long day at work and discovered there is a massive leak in your kitchen. The logical conclusion is that a pipe has burst. Perhaps it is merely a clogged drain or malfunctioning waste disposal. Unfortunately, you are ill-equipped to handle the problem on your own and must call a plumber. All is not lost as there are well trained, professional plumbers available in your area that will get the job done quickly, efficiently, and at a low cost.

A Brilliant Plumber is Only a Call Away

To the right plumber, no job is too big or small and no repair or replacement is impossible. If you live in the Edinburgh area, you have most likely come across a number of plumbing companies that claim they can fix any problem thrown their way. The hidden costs, however, quickly make their advertised prices soar to enormous heights. Any reputable plumbing company worth its salt offers fixed price quotes for a repair or replacement as appropriate.

BlackhallPlumbing has served the Edinburgh area for well over 100 years, and these highly trained, fully qualified professionals offer guaranteed workmanship. These men and women provide any services your beautiful home may need, including the repair of leaks, clear chokes, and washer taps, 24-hour emergency service, and so much more.

Keeping a Boiler Maintained Can Save Your Life

Carbon Monoxide is one of the deadliest killers that can sneak their way into your home. Invisible and silent, this noxious gas is not always picked up by alarms, and its origin will surprise you. An underperforming or poorly maintained boiler can emit this dangerous gas without warning, and thus it is imperative that proper boiler maintenance be provided by a registered engineer every 12 months. The same people that provide excellent care in plumbing also provide boiler servicing and maintenance, fault finding, gas safety inspections, and many other services.

To the average resident, boilers are nothing more than a clunky piece of metal that keeps the flat warm. Replacing your old, worn-out boiler might just save your life and your wallet. A new generation of central heating boilers has hit the market, and these brilliant units reduce CO emissions while also cutting fuel bills. If your boiler has reached the ripe age of 15 years old, odds are it is only working at 60% efficiency. That is as much as 40p for pound of fuel burned right out of your pocket.

A brilliant addition to your new boiler would be a Worcester Greenskies solar water system. Not only would CO emissions be vastly reduced, but as much as 70% of your annual hot water could be brought in using a free source of energy. Imagine the long-term cost reductions! These opportunities and more are only one phone call away.