Many property owners appropriately consider hardwood floor installation as a sensible financial commitment. It is a visual floor installation choice that increases the value of the house with a natural look in comparison to solid flooring surfaces. However, hardwood floor surfaces come with its own set of difficulties and concerns, which you need to be aware of to make sure you get value on your money.Take a lot of Advice

You can first start with a contractor and ask a lot of questions. Hardwood floor installation instructions are essential because the finish of the flooring surfaces chooses its elegance. The technological innovation has advanced rapidly and there are many finishing and installation accessories. Refer to sites which will offer you a tip for every essential stage. Search results online should also take you a lot of information sites dedicated just for hardwood flooring.

The Procedures Involved

You need to choose the right hardwood for the floor which is based on the cost and the atmosphere. Installation of hardwood includes several processes like customized sanding, staining and finishing which is free from dust. Various actions such as cork padding, base casting installation and sound prevention have to be handled by professionals with a lot of experience. You can keep ecological issues in viewpoint, components like modified polyurethane finishes have been banned by some states. There is a need to be aware of such guidelines too. For hardwood floor installation, a good company usually offers 100 percent assurance on the installation with the license which includes craftsmanship for a year.

Hardwood Flooring Materials

There are several types of components for Best hardwood floor installation such as unusual ones like chestnut. Go for hard and durable red or golden oak. Mahogany is popular for its reddish colored structure and great natural charm while pine comes with a pale creamy colour and can be easily fixed or re-coloured. Maple with its creamy yellow colour is stylish while walnut with its chocolate colour is versatile. Cherry has an orange tinge to it and is warm and moisture-resistant.


There are different installation techniques such as glue down, floating and staple down techniques. A thin pad is placed between the sub-floor and floor and then the planks are fixed strongly in floating technique. The wood made planks are directly attached to the sub-floor in glue down technique. For the staple down technique, 2-inch nailing cleats are used with hardwood flooring by using nail and hammer for connecting the floor.


Finishing is one of the most important steps in installing Hardwood Flooring. It contains wood preparation followed by sanding, rubbing and scraping to eliminate scratches and problems. Use stains to be consumed into the wooden places. Various colorants like dyes or even pigmented stains can be used on the surface of the wood. Ash has with its natural wood colour is hard but has pores on its area. This is where fillers are needed to make the surface sleek. Sealers are used to avoid the water leaking in; glazes and toners are also used on the hardwood floor to complete the finishing process