Many people find themselves confused about asbestos. They hear warnings regarding the dangers associated with asbestos, but they do not know what the substance is. Furthermore, they are not taught how to properly dispose of it. Well, asbestos is a naturally-occurring mineral and has been around for hundreds of years.

Ancient Romans discovered asbestos and used its insulating properties for party tricks. A wealthy Roman could easily afford asbestos and would use an asbestos glove to pick up coals. As researchers found more and more stories about the mineral, using asbestos to line homes became popular.

The substance was included in ceiling materials, transformed into insulating foam, and mixed with paint. It is a very efficient and effective insulator. For example, the mineral blocks most heat transfer. However, asbestos is also a carcinogen.

Asbestos the Carcinogen

A carcinogen is any element that increases the risks of cancer or causes the disease to develop. The distinction may appear fairly simple, but it is important to know. Asbestos not only raises your risk of cancer by increasing your vulnerability to other carcinogens, but it can also cause cancer itself. There is one noteworthy exception, though.

Asbestos is only dangerous in a certain form. Asbestos is a fibrous material, so the substance has a tendency to break into fibres. If it breaks into fibres, people can easily inhale the mineral. Asbestos truly becomes dangerous when you inspire it. As a result, many asbestos removal professionals actually choose to leave the asbestos rather than remove it. You can treat asbestos in the home in two different ways.

Remove or Contain?

If you think your home has asbestos, you should call a professional. The professional will search your home’s interior and exterior for any asbestos. If he or she finds any trace of the substance, the individual will consider two options — removing it or rendering the affected structure safer. Since asbestos is only dangerous in a fibrous form, a specialist can cover the mineral to prevent anyone from disturbing it and keep the area safe.

For example, if the asbestos is located in the attic or the basement where nobody goes, a professional can most likely seal the affected area with a heavy coat of paint. The specially-designed paint will prevent anyone from disturbing the asbestos. While paint is the fastest and simplest solution, it is not the most secure. The only way you can truly secure your home is by hiring a professional to completely remove the asbestos completely.

If you need asbestos removed, you should hire only professionals, because they have earned the proper qualifications. You should never attempt to remove asbestos yourself. Since the substance is frangible and dangerous when fibrous, you should not disturb it. An experienced team can arrive quickly and efficiently remove the asbestos.

First, they will seal off the area in which they are working, so the asbestos does not spread into other parts of your home or neighbourhood. Then, they will use vacuums with HEPA filters to catch any asbestos that may have been knocked loose. Very carefully and methodically, they will remove the asbestos without disturbing it. Therefore, professional assistance is your safest option.