People often think that lighting a living room is an easy task when compared to, for example, lighting a kitchen which requires lighting in order to make cooking and the tasks preformed in the kitchen possible, at least safely.

The reality is though that providing lighting adequate to get jobs done is usually far easier than succesfuly using lighting to create an atmosphere. After all, it is easy to see if a room is sufficiently lit in order to chop vegetables. It is not however so easy to assess how well a room creates ambience, or is likely to on those cold and dark winter nights.

Then, here is a quick ‘how to’ when it comes to getting lighting for your lounge and to ensure you get the perfect bulbs, lights and results.

Ceiling Lights, Bulbs and Dimmer Switches

It is likely that within your living room you will have a fitted ceiling light or two, depending on the size of the room and its layout. Then, making the most of your living room ceiling lights is a matter of addressing two main issues.

Firstly, the type of bulb(s) you opt to use will have a detrimental effect on the light and mood you create within your lounge. Further, get something as simple as the bulb(s) and wattages wrong and this could make getting the right task and free standing lighting a nightmare, and at worst impossible. Then, and as advised via the BBC Homes website, ensure to make use of tungsten bulbs as these will create a soft and inviting glow.

Secondly, consider having a dimmer switch fitted to your ceiling lights to provide you with more control over the amount and intensity of the light within a living space. As the seasons change and depending on the time of day you are using your lounge it is likely that you will require differing amounts of light, and having to wonder around switching different lamps on and off to create the right amount is not only annoying, but unnecessary when you can simply and instead fit a dimmer switch.

Pendant Lights and Statement Living Room Lighting

Pendant lights are most often used within and spoken of when designing kitchens and dining spaces. This is because low hanging pendant lighting is ideal for providing focussed ceiling task lighting. Focussed ceiling task lighting is unlikely to get in the way when a person is bustling about a kitchen, unlike free standing lamps, and provides more focussed light when seated at a dining table as well as drawing attention to a dining table which is of course the focal point within any dining room or area.

All that said, it is for exactly that reason that pendant lighting should not be overlooked when designing a living room. Rather, give the Not of the High Street website a quick nosey to see for yourself both the creative and brilliantly designed pendant lights and shades available for use within living spaces and as well pay particular attention to how in the photographs on the site they have been used – it might just change your thinking about pendant lighting and where in the home you want to use it.

Lamps and Task Lighting

Whether you love or hate lamps, they are a must have when it comes to adequately lighting a living room. The main reason why there is no escaping the need to supplement ceiling lighting with lamps in your lounge space is that it is likely to be where you read, watch TV and relax.

Then, you are going to require from your ceiling lighting (and as already discussed) soft, relaxing light which will not compete with the light given off by the TV or kill the ambience whilst watching movies and television. The problem with this is that it does not allow for reading and related tasks without resulting in eye strain, hence it is of paramount importance to make use of a lamp if you read within your living room.

The best type of lamp for reading is one which provides down lighting and stands alone. A free standing light takes up no space on an arm chair or side table, enabling you to better use the space for your books, drinks or anything else. It is also the most efficient and stylish means of creating a focussed and down lit task light you can read by without illuminating the room and so killing the atmosphere for anybody else using the space.

To view a wide range of lamps that fit the bill when it comes to getting the perfect reading lamp, head over to the Oberoi Brothers website where you can also gain more advice as to how to pick the perfect living room task lighting via their article: How Do I Choose a Good Reading Lamp?