Moving can be a stressful experience. Whether you are heading off to a new school or looking for better employment, packing household items, appliance, clothes, and moving furniture can be discouraging and expensive. It’s so much easier when everything you need to take fits in your car. There are no expensive rental trailers or finding friends to help you move heavy appliances when you choose a short-term furnished apartment rental.

Amenities of Furnished Apartments

Most short-term furnished apartments offer many amenities that provide all the comforts of home, which reduces stress and makes moving easier. In Phoenix AZ, furnished apartments include most or all of the following in your rent.

.   Pay week-to-week or month-to-month

.   All utilities included

.   Cable television

.   Television set

.   High speed wireless

.   Air-conditioning

.   Security

.   Swimming pool

.   Laundry facilities

Flexibility of Short-Term Rentals

If you are job hunting, taking some college classes, or on assignment from your current employer, a short-term rental is less expensive, more flexible, and convenient when compared to a hotel stay. When looking for a new job, you are not limited to a commuting zone. Once you find that perfect position, you can move to an area close by. You don’t have to worry about breaking a lease or paying extra fees with short-term rentals. You can move anytime you want without incurring costly penalties.


If you are taking a three or four week vacation, don’t spend all your money on a hotel. You can relax at the end of the day in a furnished apartment, fix a tasty meal in the kitchen, and put up your feet and watch television. For less money, you will have more comfort and privacy. You can still take a swim in the apartment’s pool, and it’s all included in the rent.

House Shopping

If you have a new job and want to buy a home, renting a short-term furnished apartment gives you time to look for a new home without being rushed. Don’t risk buying a house that isn’t going to meet your family’s needs because you are in a hurry to find a place to live. Renting will allow you to take whatever time is necessary to find that perfect house for your family.

Reduce the stress of moving by renting a short-term furnished apartment in your new location, and you’ll significantly lower the cost of moving.