An estate agent in Ongar undertakes the responsibility of placing an individual in a property or a home. There are people who like purchasing a property or taking a property on rent for sometimes, whatever be the choice, they need someone for offering proper advice and for helping in sorting out different problems associated. People take up the services of estate agents who can be of good help in the sale and the purchase of property. They are responsible for the entire paperwork and also take up the responsibility of communicating with the solicitor who ensures everything in is right order. There are major responsibilities that need to be undertaken and duties that need to be carried out by an estate agent and we will have a look at them below:

Proper Information About Rule Changes is Important

Estate agents need to remain updated about the changes taking place in a particular area. This is because the closing and the opening of corporations and new developments can affect the house prices in that area drastically. These agents need to have an idea about the amount that sellers can make realistically and what discounts the buyers can expect. Estate agents are required to work in a transparent and fair manner and this is something that is guided by the Office of Fair Trading. There are some strict regulations surrounding the job responsibilities of an estate agent in Ongar. New laws are being updated from time to time for making it clear to the estate agents about the work that they are actually doing. Huge fines are imposed on the agents breaching any important section of the Code of Conduct. Punishment includes a fine of $5000 or mere warning with a single breach of rule. It is necessary for an estate agent to belong to a governing body prior to plying his or her trade legally. An estate agent is also required to be an active member of redress scheme. Estate agents also need to have a clear understanding of the fees that they need to charge because fees for rented properties and purchased properties are different.

Communication Skills are Necessary

One of the most important skills that individuals need to look for when making the choice of an estate agent is the communication skills of the estate agent. It is important for an estate agent to possess the ability of effectively communicating with the parties involved in the transaction. The communication skills of an estate agent can either make or break a property deal. Apart from this, listening skills are also important in estate agents. Here, it is to be noted that communication is not only about being able to speak but also involves the receipt of proper information. Estate agents should possess the capacity of asking questions and listening to the information that is transmitted.

An estate agent in Ongar should not only listen to the information provided but even be able to internalize and then digest the information. important questions that estate agents should ask include the financial situation of the individual who want to buy or rent a property. Estate agents should possess the ability of guiding their clients in the right direction when their clients need to sell or purchase a property.