Podium steps are helpful to anyone hanging pictures or replacing ceiling tiles as they can be folded out and assembled and can then provide a protective platform for the user. This platform makes use of a cage-type guardrail that surrounds the podium steps user. Therefore, the steps offer a practical alternative at work sites where safety officers discourage or prohibit the use of ladders. The steps are often used by electricians or painters who need a safe way to access ceilings.

Safety experts cite that podium steps are much safer than traditional stepladders as they have, over time, been the cause of a number of work-at-height accidents. Therefore, podium steps are an alternative that safety specialists often embrace.

Working at Height

Working at height can refer to a person standing on podium steps and changing a light fixture or reference someone working with a harness at a great height. Falls that relate to working above ground level are the most common mishaps reported at job sites. Accidents of this type include falls from ladders, machines, through a roof, from edges, and from scaffolding. That is why podium steps from UK supplier TopTower are recommended by safety professionals in the construction trades or in manufacturing environments.

How Falls from Ladders Occur

When a fall occurs from a stepladder or ladder, the ladder usually is not suitable for the work in which it is being used or has been poorly maintained. Other causes for falls from ladders include an inability to use or securely grip a ladder because of the carrying and use of materials and tools up and down the steps. The absence of anti-slip feet can also trigger this kind of mishap. Stabilisers lacking from the ladder’s base or the absence of a worker to assist in footing the ladder can all lead to an accident or fatality.

Because it is the duty of an employer to safeguard his employees from any injuries or accidents in the workplace, they must do all they can to reasonably do to prevent a fall. It is therefore critical for a risk assessment to be performed. A working plan that emphasises safety at its core should be regularly outlined and updated. Using accessories such as podium steps can help employers ensure that workers remain safe during the work day.


Podium steps, which are easy to assemble, are available in sturdy and lightweight materials, such as fibreglass or aluminium. The weights of the steps tend to span from about 18 to 50 kg. The platform on the steps permits workers to access work heights of up to 3 metres. Fold-out assembly is usually provided for the steps. Although the taller podium steps take longer to set up, the mainframes can still be easily unfolded and ushered through doorways. In addition, the wheels on the steps are designed to be locked and stabilised—all of which increases safety and security. This stabilisation also gives workers extra confidence. Work can be done in any direction on the platform of the steps and the user can also work with both hands. Even if a worker falls, the guard rail that is established prevents the possibility of a serious injury.