What separates the best online real estate school from its competitors? Staying up to date with developments in the industry, as well as in teaching and learning. Rather than enrolling in the first real estate school, you find, begin researching institutions in your state that offer courses. As you do so, keep an eye out for signs that they’re an industry leader, such as their method of content delivery and exam preparation, as well as their professors’ qualifications and their students’ pass rates.

As you begin your search, keep an eye out for the following characteristics of a top-quality online real estate school. By doing so, you will be able to streamline the process of earning your real estate license and improve your chances of succeeding in the industry once you have done so.

Characteristics of the best online real estate schools around

1. Real-world applications

When you’re learning about the world of real estate, you don’t need to only learn about theory—rather, you need your instructors to teach you what they’ve learned from experience. In high-quality online real estate schools, you will learn everything you need to pass the state exam, as well as do well in your career.

2. Self-paced

Rather than having to commute to a physical space to receive your education, the best real estate schools take advantage of an online environment, which allows you to set your own pace. By creating your schedule, you’re able to continue your day-to-day life without having to sacrifice your dream of becoming an agent.

3. 15-day completion

If you’re in a hurry to complete the program, there is a possibility to finish in as little as 15 days, meaning you can take the state exam and apply for your license in no time. Of course, as stated above, this isn’t necessary though, as you can also decide to go more slowly.

4. 100% pass rate

As you research prospective online real estate schools, try your best to find one with a 100% pass rate. This will allow you to rest assured that as long as you pay the money and do the work, their team of experts will support you in your journey in passing the exam and obtaining your license.

5. Honest pricing

Everything should be crystal clear in terms of pricing on an online real estate school’s website. Look for guarantees—moneyback guarantees, price-matching guarantees, pass guarantees, etc.—which will show you how dedicated an institution is to give you the most honest pricing plan possible. This is particularly important to avoid hidden fees, which many institutions will add either in fine print or later if you decide to change your plan in the course.

6. Networking opportunities

Another sign that an online real estate school is reputable is if they offer their students opportunities to network with other students in the class, their professors, and professionals currently working in the field. This provides an added incentive to take the course, as you have chances to meet potential collaborators once you’ve received your license.

7. 1-year access to the course

Everything you do in your course should be available to you long after you pass your exam. A good real estate school will give you access to their platform for an extended time after you pass their exam, just in case you need to revisit something you covered while registered in the class, such as your textbook, audiobooks, video recordings, or other materials that were provided in the program.

8. Original content

Many real estate schools will use outdated textbooks or generic resources that may not directly apply to your state. To ensure that you’re getting the best experience possible, don’t hesitate to ask a prospective real estate education program where their resources come from—the best schools out there will create their own content that is specifically catered to their students and state.

9. Regular exam reviews

In addition to providing, you with a wide variety of resources, your real estate course should also offer you reviews that highlight what exams will cover. With these, you can have focused review sessions before practice exams and exams, thus providing you with additional support. This is especially helpful before you take the course’s exam, and then again when you go to take the state exam.

10. Available professors

Last but not least, the professors at the industry’s leading online real estate schools will be available whenever you need them, not only by email, but by chat, phone, and video calls. Having the additional layer of support means you can conveniently contact them and get your questions answered whenever and wherever you may be.

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