Do you have a metal object that needs to be taken care of? You must consider painting it. This will not only revitalize its look but also lengthen its life. There will lesser or no cases of rusting, keeping it strong for many years to come. A metal piece is a long-time investment. So, taking good care is a good option. For this, you will need a few tips and tools. You can make it a DIY project but we suggest that you can take help from professionals.

Tips to keep your metal objects fresh and strong:

  • Prep steps:the first and the most important thing is to prep the object that you want to paint. Also, make sure to collect all the items together that you would like to paint. So that in lesser time you can do more. Make a list and bring all the items together. Decide a special place where you would like to use it, it must be well ventilated. Keep loads of newspaper on the floor or maybe a rough cloth for covering the floor. So that while you make the metal object beautiful you do not ruin the floor. Keep tools ready like brushes, sand block, primer, dry cloth, paint, safety glasses, mask and gloves.
  • Surface inspection:Before you begin painting inspect the surface of the metal object that you are going to paint. There must be no cracks, peeling or chipped area on the surface. Any imperfections will make the layer of paint uneven and spoil the whole look. You can remove these imperfections before painting with the help of a metal brush or sandpaper. Wear a mask and gloves when you work so that you do not bruise yourself. A smooth surface is a must for the best finish.
  • Remove any old paint:in case the object you are going to paint is already painted then you will first have to remove the old paint. The new metal paint may not give an even finish.So, remove any small patch also. Use sandpaper to get rid of the old paint or any rust. Clean the surface with a moist cloth and let it dry to be sure that even the smallest dust particles have been taken care of.
  • Primer:begin with a layer of primer. This is a base coat of the metal paint so that the paint stays on for longer and there is a neat finish. You can use spray for this purpose. It gives neater look and even coating. You may also use a roller for this purpose. Let it dry for around 24 hours before you apply the paint to it.
  • Paint:select the colour and the texture that you are desiring. It can mat finish or glossy. Buy the paint accordingly. There will be a need for multiple layers for a proper finish so buy the paint accordingly. After each coat, you will have to let it dry out completely before the application of the next coat. Else there will be waves or rolls. Apply a lacquer seal coat on the top to make sure that the moisture stays away for long and your paint looks neat.