Dealing with pests can be frustrating and disgusting at the same time. Some pests and insects are carriers of diseases, while others can cause structural damage to your property. Unfortunately, it’s not rare for homeowners to find pests in Boise, ID, thanks to the climate and weather of the region. So, when is the right time to call an exterminator? How do you find the best pest control service in Boise? In this post, we are sharing the basic aspects you need to know. 

Signs you have pests at home – 

  1. Droppings
  2. Shed wings and body parts
  3. Evident structural damage
  4. Damaged plants
  5. Tunnels along the walls
  6. Weird sounds at night
  7. Pests in visible sight

By the time you spot pests in plain sight, the extent of infestation is extreme in all probability. 

Why should you avoid DIY pest control?

Although the internet is beaming with products and hacks that promise easy pest control, these are barely effective. Keep in mind that just killing a few pests in sight doesn’t mean you have control over the situation. Most pests thrive underneath, and it’s best to call a professional pest control service at the earliest. Exterminators have the resources, expertise, methods, equipment and products that can get rid of pests effectively and without causing much damage to the environment. 

How to find a reliable pest control company in Boise?

The internet is your best resource for finding best-rated pest control companies in Boise, and many of them have dedicated websites, where you can find all details. Call the exterminator and ask for an estimate. A professional pest control company will always send their inspectors to check your home, before sharing an estimate. Make sure you check the following – 

  1. The exterminator should be licensed and must have necessary permissions. 
  2. The exterminator must have liability insurance. 
  3. They must have an in-house team of pest control experts, who are bonded and insured. 
  4. The pest control company should offer some assurance/warranty on the job. 
  5. They must offer a clear estimate and contract in advance. 

If you want to know a pest control company better, check for independent reviews online, and also, ask for a few references. Top exterminators will also explain the methods and products they are using for the process, so there is transparency in the work done. 

Don’t delay in calling a pest control company – It’s much easier to control the situation in the initial stages.