Switzerland is a beautiful and economically strong country. It is not uncommon to see business leaders from different parts of the world making the decision to relocate their businesses to Switzerland.

It is known for its exemplary banking system and its exquisite designer watches. In addition, it has recently become a leading business hub with several consecutive coronation of several business awards. As a result it has become an attractive business location.

Business or personal relocation to Switzerland is only an easy process when you have an expert consultant on your side. With an increase in relocation to the country, the government decided to limit the number of people it accepts into the country.

However, if you are lucky enough to be accepted into Switzerland, there are certain factors you should consider before and as you make your move.

1. High quality of life requires more money

Switzerland is known for its high quality of life. Everything is very expensive in this country. It is important that you establish how much you will need for your living expenses and how much you will earn once you are in the country.

An expert relocation consultant can help you prepare a personal budget to ensure that you live comfortably once you move to the country.
You can expect that your living expenses will be considerably higher than your current situation.

2. Taxes

Taxes in Switzerland are levied by the regions or cantons where people live and also by the national government. Switzerland has a very strong economy and a small population of eight million. Tax rates are therefore considerably lower but differ from region to region. A wealth tax for certain levels of wealth is imposed on the super-rich individuals of the country.

Your relocation expert will assist you in getting you relevant tax advice to understand what is expected of you when you start working in Switzerland.

3. Medical Insurance

Medical insurance is a must have in Switzerland. The government requires that every individual in the country have a valid medical insurance issued by a local private insurance company. Without this insurance, you cannot gain a work or residence permit.

The healthcare system in the country is highly advanced and is rated among the best in the world. The doctors are highly trained and highly professional.
Switzerland has one of the highest life expectancies in the world. You should be therefore confident in the fact that you will be well taken care of if you fall sick.

4. Work-life balance

Unlike in many developed economies, the Swiss rarely work more than one job, put in overtime hours or continue working after hours. Work emails and phone calls wait till the next day of work for them to be returned or acted upon.

In addition, Sunday is a rest day and most shops and businesses remain closed. On Sunday, most Swiss people relax by hiking in the many mountains found in the country.
In addition, workers are given five weeks of vacation from their workplaces every year.

5. Lots of paperwork

Official processes in Switzerland require lots of paperwork. One of the processes that you have to go through as you relocate to Switzerland is the visa and work or residence permit application. To successfully go through this process, you will need lots of official paper work. You will need a will, passport, birth certificate and many other documents from your country of origin.

Once you settle within the country, if you move from one canton to another, you will be required to register afresh and you will need all the paperwork you used to register the first time.

A competent relocation expert will advise you effectively on how to navigate all these special circumstances that define Switzerland. This will help you settle in fast and also start working as soon as you get to the country. These unique factors of life in Switzerland are some of the local experiences that you will experience in the period of your stay.