The kitchen is an important area of the house where the entire family comes together and lots of ‘good times’ cook along with great food. Whether you are building a new home or renovating your house, here are some exciting ideas for custom kitchens and cabinets.

#1. Open shelves design

For long, homeowners have shied away from open shelving, but this trend is raging this year and transforming a kitchen into areas where you can display items. If you have an amazing set of dinnerware or special pieces that you would like to keep on display, kitchen shelves are the right place. Skip wall cabinetry and talk to your millwork company regarding open shelves design and how it can be included in your kitchen space. Besides enhancing the look and aesthetics, open shelves also help in creating an illusion of space.

#2. Designs that create a statement

House owners of today are no more content with cookie cutter designs. They want something that exudes elegance, builds character, and expresses a statement. The use of the right color combination is important, and the latest rage is towards neutral colors. Black, navy, and brown may be the standard colors used in most houses, but if you wish to try something different, choose the lighter shades. If you are ordering custom made kitchens and cabinets, the millwork company can help you select unique colors to stand out from the crowd.

#3. Use of oak wood for making cabinets

There was extensive use of oak wood in the 1970s, and it continued until the 1990s, but after that, it took a backseat as painted MDF and wood veneer became popular. Many house owners are now getting attracted to the past and wish to bring back the magic of oak wood into their homes. As a result, you can now find an increase in the use of oak cabinetry to give a rustic look to your space. The neutral color and soft texture of oak wood make it an excellent choice for adding an element of nature into the house. You may choose to leave oak in its natural shade or give it a coat of paint of your choice.

#4. Creating clean aesthetics

The modernization wave that has affected the interior décor and design in recent years has not spared kitchen cabinetry as well. The use of clean aesthetics in the construction of cabinets is an example of that impact. Most of the modern kitchen cabinets feature minimal work and design that does not demand a lot of attention.

#5. Stylish under cabinet LED lighting

Lighting helps in creating a warm and soothing ambiance and under cabinets lighting is a great way to achieve a modern and sophisticated look. You can talk to the millwork company regarding your specific requirements so that they will consider these aspects when creating the design.


When you want your custom kitchen to reflect your personality and include the modern trends, it’s essential to partner with a millwork company that listens to you and caters to your needs. Check out the exciting styles and design offered by a premier custom kitchens and cabinets maker from Edmonton, Alberta. Visit their website to see the images in their online portfolio: