Ask any seasoned homeowner and he will happily confirm that a plumbing emergency is not something to leave for another day. Whether a burst water pipe of a blocked drain, there are 24-hour plumbers in Southend who will make short work of any plumbing emergency, and here is some useful advice on what to do in a range of situations.

  • Don’t Panic – Panic only leads to a fluster, and if, for example, you have a ruptured water pipe, the very first thing to do is shut off the water supply. This must be done ASAP, for obvious reasons, and if you don’t know where the mains water tap is located, go and look after you’ve read this article.
  • Relay the Right Information to the Emergency Plumber – The more you tell the plumber over the phone, the better prepared he will be when he arrives. A blocked drain, for example, would be something you can make worse if you flush a toilet or run any water, so avoid doing this, and if you know where the problem lies, you could clear the area a little, which would help the plumber when he arrives.
  • Be Prepared and Pre-Source an Emergency Plumber – This is something a seasoned homeowner would do in advance, and with the emergency number safely stored in your smartphone, should the worst occur, you can save valuable time.

Even if the issue occurs during regular working hours, you should still call an emergency plumber, as he would be able to get there much quicker than a regular plumber.