The purchase of a filtering bottle is a very good solution in today’s busy world. It gives access to healthy, clean water wherever there is tap water, so it has virtually unlimited applications. It works well during sports, walking, during trips or at work. In addition, it is a fashionable and pretty gadget, available in many colours and various capacities, making it an ideal companion to everyday life.

The bottles are equipped with a special carbon filter, which retains mechanical impurities (up to 0.5 microns), such as sediments, sand and rust, as well as organic ones, such as chlorine and its derivatives used for purification in water treatment plants or heavy metals (like lead or copper).

Preparing the bottle for use requires only a few steps. It is important to properly prepare the filter, and the subsequent filling of the bottle will no longer require any additional activities.

After purchase, the bottle should be washed with warm water with a little mild detergent and thoroughly rinsed. First, the filter should be prepared by rinsing it under cold running water for about 30 seconds. Then, to vent the filter and remove any particles from the carbon filter, put the filter in the bottle, fill it in 2/3 with water and rinse, shaking several times. Water can acquire greyish shade. Then pour water out, rinse the bottle and refill with cold water. Next open the mouthpiece and press firmly on the sides of the bottle to pour out all the water through the mouthpiece.

Again, rinse the bottle, refill, repeating this step once more. After pouring water the bottle is ready for use. The preparation of the bottle and filter takes no more than two minutes, but it is important for the correct filtration process. This way, the filter should be prepared each time we change it, which is every 4 weeks.